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It is our intention to produce a simple and helpful guide to each of the books of the Bible and you can find each one by clicking on the name of the book in the columns either side of this page.


The purpose of each of these pages is to provide for the new reader of the Bible an outline that gives a sense of size and content of each book.  The size of the book can be gauged by the number of chapters and the breakdown.  The content of the book can be gauged by the breakdown and the “Key Verses”.

The basic information at the top of each page covers author, date etc. and the reader should be aware that in many cases it is not possible to be exact about who wrote or when they wrote it and, in fact, there are often varying opinions over both. We have maintained a traditional approach of conservative scholars who tend to agree with early church leaders.


Often in such book summaries, there are simply one or two key verses but here we include a sufficient number to convey a fuller picture of the particular book and to whet your appetite. We would encourage the reader to read through these verses before actually turning to the book in your Bible. Indeed, we are aware that for some of the books there is extensive reading in these verses but it is our desire to give the reader as comprehensive a picture as possible within these verses, of what they will find in each book, to whet your appetite for reading the whole book.

We have also added various concluding comments to emphasise particular issues pertaining to that particular book.


Furthermore, because these pages are simply part of this larger site that has both Bible Studies and Meditations covering the large majority of the books of the Bible, we have also indicated at the bottom of each page what studies or meditations are available on this site for that book.

For the person who really wishes to get to grips with their Bible, we suggest setting a target of reading one of these pages, twice at one sitting, and gradually working through the entire list, taking one of these pages each day to start to get an overview. 

Having said that, these pages are simply to start you off on a deeper journey into the Bible and nothing can replace actually reading it!

We hope you will find these pages useful. 


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