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Song of Songs



BOOK : Song of Solomon

Description : A Love Song of King Solomon

Author: Solomon

Date written : assuming it is by Solomon then we would assume somewhere about 960BC

Chapters : 8


Brief Synopsis:


•  1:1 starts “Solomon's Song of Songs,” suggesting his best song written by him.
•  It is basically a love song.
•  Attempts to spiritualise it are satisfactory (see below) is small instances but difficult overall.
•  Perhaps it is in the canon of Scripture as God's way of declaring, “love and sex were designed by me and are good in the right context.”
•  Note that as poetry (and with the content it has) it is supposed to touch the heart rather than the intellect. To that end, one of our resources is the book put in the form of a stage play (see resources at bottom of page) .


Outline :


It is notoriously difficult to analyse (because it is poetry) and different people come up with different approaches. Here is one we have come across that is very simple in its approach:


1:1 Title
1:2 - 2:7 The First Meeting
2:8 - 3:5 The Second Meeting
3:6 – 5:1 The Third Meeting
5:2 – 6:3 The Fourth Meeting
6:4 – 8:4 The Fifth Meeting
8:5-7 The Literary Climax
8:8-14 The Conclusion

A more detailed layout of what you find is below and is taken from our own Bible Study series:



She  yearns to know his love expressed towards her


Chorus:  They share her delight & (implied) tell us more


She  is aware of her imperfections & wonders where he is


Chorus:  Go seeking him out


He  imagines showering her with jewellery


They  share brief interchanges of appreciation


She  speaks of their early encounters


He  wants to know more of her


She  declares their love and yearns for more time with him


She  sees Solomon coming in his splendour


He  speaks for the first time of her beauty in detail


Chorus:  May the circumstances bring this love out


He  declares he has experienced her love


Chorus:  Go for it!


She  was slow to rise when he came and missed him


Chorus:  So how is he better than other men?


She  describes how handsome he is


Chorus:  So where is he?


She  declares, he's gone to his garden and I am his


He  extols her beauty and declares her unique


Chorus:  But who is this coming?


He  went to his garden, realises his desire & dashes back


Chorus:  we want to gaze on your beauty


He  : she's not for looking at, she's utterly beautiful


She  declares her love and desire for more of it


She  reflects on society's inhibitions & he holds her


Chorus:  see them returning


She  declares the strength of their love


Chorus:  What about our young sister's future


She  is a source of contentment and provision for him


They  both call to the other



Key Verses


It is really impossible to pick out individual verses within a poem except perhaps to try to demonstrate how some verses can be used in meditation to reflect on particular spiritual realities. However, even to choose such verses would be personal preference, and therefore we resist the temptation.



Concluding Comments


•  Song of Songs comes as a shock to many at its explicit sexual nature (for it is!) but we should note that it is very different from modern writing which tends towards the erotic; there is none of that here despite its explicit nature.

•  If nothing else, the book should remind us that God has designed us to be sexual beings (unless specifically called otherwise) and that is always in the context of a lifetime committed relationship between one man and one woman. That is the divine design, whatever else modern culture accepts.

•  We should also note that He has designed us with sexual desire (see, for example, Gen 3:16) that in the marriage is to be a normal part of the marriage relationship (1 Cor 7:3-5). Appreciation of beauty – and expressing that appreciation – should also be part of a healthy committed relationship. Indeed absence of it may be one of the key reasons why physical relationships grow stale.

•  Finally we might remind ourselves that we, as Christians, make up the ‘bride of Christ' (Rev 19:7, 21:2,9) and the physical picture of husband and wife is used to teach things about the spiritual relationship between Christ and the church – and vice-versa!
•  Within the Song of Songs there are also physical pictures that convey spiritual truths and as we read the book we may ask the Holy Spirit to convey such truths to us.

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