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Because of the nature of the Song of Songs, rather than the usual verse by verse study approach

we have included a completely different approach which the author tried in order to catch something

of the meaning of the study.






    There are probably as many ideas about this Song as there are Commentators. In what follows we will be following the NIV notation of who is speaking. In what follows we simply seek to convey the sense and in no way is this intended to be either a translation or even a paraphrase of the original. What follows is purely a speculative approach to the poem or song, perhaps a way of thinking of it in a modern setting. Occasionally there will be poetic license, so please don't be too harsh about what you find if it doesn't match what you expect. There are many interpretations of this Song, this is just one. We don't ask you to necessarily agree with it, simply to enjoy it and understand something of the wonder of love and relationships. To keep within the proprietary of that day, we have been gentle with our interpretation at times. Were it that modern love could be more like this.


    Imagine if you will a stage that has a large back projection screen so that the scenery can change in a moment. In the background are a chorus, the “Friends” who seem to speak out from time to time. Most of the action is by the girl and her man. The stage is empty except for the chorus in the background and the screen is blank. Now continue.




Song of Songs







(The girl enters and comes centre stage. It is as if she is in a reverie as she utters that which is on her heart)

“Oh how I long for him to kiss me. I'm sure his love will be more wonderful than even the effect of good wine.

Even as I think of him his name seems to surround me in a wave of wonder, like a perfume being released. No wonder he's the talk of all the girls in the town.

Oh, if only he would come and carry me away. Come, o king, and take me into your private rooms away from prying eyes.





(The chorus joins in from the back)

Oh yes! His love will be far more wonderful than wine. O king, how right they are to idolise you!





(She continues)

“Oh but why would he be attracted to me. I'm dark and swarthy through having to be out in the sun and work for the family. I have worked for them and neglected myself.

“Oh you of whom I dream, where will I find you, out with your flocks? Where could I come to you?  But could I come to you, would I not appear as a prostitute seeking her livelihood?  Surely not!





(The chorus join in and encourage her again)

You are most beautiful, you have nothing to fear, go looking for the one your heart longs for!




(On the stage she moves to one side looking away. The young man enters the other side and espying her, he speaks to himself)

My love?  What beauty, what incredible beauty.  Even as one of the gentle mares of Pharaoh's is so beautiful to behold, so is this gentleness before me. The softness of your cheeks set off by those earrings, the beauty of your neck by that necklace. Oh you are worthy of so much more. How wonderful you would look in gold and silver that I could give you!





(Still not aware of him, she continues)

“I saw him from afar as he sat at his table. I imagined going to him and my perfume wafting over him, drawing his attention to me.

I imagine him lying on my breast and, like a bag of scent, the perfume of his presence overwhelms me. His effect on me is like the overwhelming scent of the henna blossoms I know so well from the vineyards.





(He, with his eyes still on her speaks)

“Oh my darling one, how incredibly beautiful you are. Look at those eyes, so gentle, so timid, just like that of a dove.





(She turns and sees him from afar. The background turns, even as she speaks to scenery of the woodland countryside)

“Oh, how handsome he is, how charming. He's everything I could want for one to bring me love. Out here, the bed for our meeting could be the soft grass. If only it could be.




(It is as if there is a coming together of their minds as he speaks)

“Indeed and the trees would form the beams and rafters of our home together.




(Still looking at him she speaks to herself)

“Oh dear, I'm but a common flower of the countryside, so ordinary.





(They are still apart on opposite sides of the stage, simply speaking their thoughts. He continues)

“She stands out like a flower among thorns.  She is exceptional, she is wonderful, my darling one, standing out from all the other girls I know.





(They remain apart, revealing their thoughts from afar)

He so stands out from the rest, like an apple tree in a forest glade, does he stand out. I see myself sitting beside him, and his presence and his words are so sweet.

Out here in the countryside, it's like he's brought me into his banqueting hall and between the trees is hung a banner declaring his love for me. Oh, I feel weak at the thought of it. Oh feed me, refresh me, I am in need!

I imagine that here on the soft grass we sit together, and I lie back, and so he puts an arm under my head for me to rest upon, and his other arm comes around me in an embrace.

Oh, don't be silly, don't rush love until it is ready, don't spoil anything with haste!


(The background scene changes to a house in the country, on a hillside. She continues speaking)

“Listen, I hear singing.  It is him!  Look, I see him bounding down the hill side – he's like a young stag, so strong, so sure, and yet so gentle.

Look, he comes to the house and peers in, he is looking for me!

(The backdrop changes to outside the house as she goes on)

He called me to rise and go out with him.  Look, he says, the winter is passed and the beauty of Spring is here.  It's too good to stay indoors.  Come out my love, come with me.





(‘outside' he speaks)

“I came to find her.  Her gentle timidity that reminds me of that of the dove, makes me think of her in her home on the hillside, as a dove hidden away in the hillside rocks.  Oh my love, come out, show me your face, let me hear your voice, let me enjoy your beauty and your gentleness.

Nothing must be allowed to spoil you my love. In the vineyards come the foxes that dig holes and ruin the plants, they spoil the beauty there. Your beauty must not be spoiled by anything.  You must be cherished.





(She responds)

“He is mine!  I am his!  Oh the wonder of it.  It's as if he's browsed among all the other girls that could have been his, but he has chosen me!

Oh my love, while we have the time to be together, stay and be strong but gentle with me.

(The lights dim, the background fades)





(As the lights come back up, the backdrop changes to inside the house and outside it is starting to get light. The girl is left alone on the stage)

“Through the night, alone on my bed, I longed for him but he did not come. It's morning, I'll get up and go out and see if I can find him.


(She crosses the stage and returns to her original spot and as she does so the backdrop changes to the street of the city.)

I didn't find him.  In the still almost empty streets I came across the night watchmen doing their rounds and asked them if they had seen him, but no.

But then, just as I had given up, I came round a corner and there he was! I clung to him and then brought him back home with me.

Be careful though, slow down, do not rush love, don't spoil anything with haste!


(the lights fade and as they come back up, the backdrop changes to a road just outside the city. She speaks again)

Who is this coming?  It is him.  It is Solomon, not the carefree shepherd boy but the young warrior king, accompanied by his strong body guard.

He comes in the royal carriage made from fine timber with silver and gold and fine materials.  Come all you people, come and see his splendour – see the crown he wears, the crown he wore on our wedding day.

(The lights fade, the scene fades)





(As the lights come back up, the backdrop is of the royal apartments. The couple are together in the middle of the stage and he is on one knee before her, holding her hand. She is in royal robes, but veiled, as if hidden from prying eyes. He speaks)

“My darling, how beautiful you are, how fortunate I am. Behind the bride's veil, your dovelike, gentle and tender eyes capture me. Your long dark hair over your shoulders is like a stream of my black goats coming down over the hillside path, so beautiful.

The whiteness of your teeth as you smile at me, is like the whiteness of my newly shorn and washed flocks. The red of your mouth stands out like a red ribbon and makes my heart beat fiercely. The curve of your head behind your veil is as smooth and soft as a fresh pomegranate. What more may I compare you to. I do it so that when I again see these things I will be reminded of your wonderful beauty.

The strength and beauty of your neck with its necklace reminds me of the beautiful tower of David hung around with ornamental shields.

The soft curves of your breasts put me in mind of the soft and gentle fawns I see, half hidden in the woodland.

Now we have the time together, I can enjoy the double fragrance of your beauty in its entirety, for in you is perfection, my love.


(The lights dim and when they come back up, he is holding her at arms length and she no longer wears a veil)

Leave your past behind now, my love, let the memories of the hard times be banished.

You have won my heart my dearest wife, with one glance of your eyes you captured me, with your very simplicity I was taken.

How wonderful your love to me has been, my wife, how much more wonderful than any pleasures from wine or fragrance from perfume!

The touch of your lips on mine melts me, your gentle fragrance captivates me.

Yet these are early days, my love, for you have been held back for me, an untouched garden, a fountain spring waiting to burst forth with ever greater wonders.

Every aspect of you is like an orchard, holding such delights as to be almost indescribable. As our love is expressed you are like a fountain that just pours out more and more love on me. You are so wonderful.




(She responds)

My dear, if I am a garden let the seasons come and open me that I may be an even greater pleasure to the one who has my heart.

(The light fades with the two of them gazing into each other's eyes).





(As the lights come back up the couple are walking hand in hand across the stage and he speaks)

I have received of the garden that you have presented to me so willingly, my love, and the delight you have given me is beyond description.




(The chorus breaks in)

Indeed, dear ones, enjoy each other.

(The lights fade)






(As the lights come back on the girl is on stage alone, seated on a tall stool. She reflects back as she looks at the audience. The backdrop is blank).

You know, there was a time when it nearly didn't happen. There was a night in our early days when he came to my home in the middle of the night. He gently rapped on the shutters and called, my love, it is I, let me in.

It was the middle of the night, I was damp with perspiration from the warmth of the night. I was in my nightdress. I thought, he can't see me like this, I must get dressed. I heard him trying to unlatch the shutters.

I got out of bed and thought, I must put on perfume, he can't see me like this.

By the time I was dressed and ready for him, he was gone. My heart sank. I went outside to look. I called into the darkness but I was too late.

I hurried after him into the city, but it was after the curfew. The watchmen encountered me and thought the worst and beat me.

Oh my friends, tell him I am sorry, tell him I love him.





(The chorus break in)

Really? Really? Convince us, oh most beautiful of women, that he means more to you than any other man.





(She pauses with bowed head, then lifts he face forcefully and continues)

“Very well then! I cannot get him out of my mind. Every detail of him is etched in my brain! His face shines with the healthy glow of the outdoor life. He is more handsome than ten thousand others!

He looks almost gold reflecting the sun, and yet his hair is black as a raven. He says my eyes are gentle; well his are more so, pure and bright as well.

Just the sight of his face is more beautiful to me than perfume. His arms and body are strong like polished stone, his legs like marble columns set in gold. He stands tall and strong, and when he smiles – well my heart just melts. This, my friends, is him, this is the one who is both my best friend and my love! Now will you believe?





(The chorus replies)

Very well, so which way did he go when you last saw him? Tell us and we will look with you.





(She turns to them)

I think he's possibly gone to his gardens – possibly he may go looking to others if he feels I have rejected him – but I am his and he IS mine, wherever he is, whatever he is doing!

(the lights dim)







(as the lights come back up we find the man alone on stage, striding around.)

“What shall I say to her? How shall I convince her of my love?

You are beautiful, my love, more beautiful than the beloved cities of my land. Don't look at me with reproach, my love, you overwhelm me and I cannot cope with it.

What can I say of you? Nothing is sufficient.

You dark hair falling over your shoulders reminds me of my dark goats as they pour down the hillside roads. Your pure white teeth remind me of my freshly washed flocks. As I imagine you on our wedding day, the roundness of your forehead behind the veil is as smooth as a perfect pomegranate. No, that is not enough!

I have women without number than I can choose from, throughout the world, but you my gentle one are unique. All women extol you. What more can I say?





(the chorus speaks up)

Who is this who speaks this way of her, this one who comes like the morning star, clear as the moon, bright as the sun and whose majesty leads all others in his train?





(he turns to face the audience)

After I left her I went to inspect my plantations, to see the new growth. An anger stirred in me and so off I went with my bodyguards in my chariot, letting off steam in the exhilaration of the race.





(the chorus again)

Come back Solomon's girl, come back to be seen, remind us of your beauty.






(he turns to the chorus)

Why should you want to see her – she's mine. She's not a spectacle for gawping at.


(he paces the stage again)

“Oh daughter worthy of a royal family, the beauty of your feet, your legs, your hips, captivates me. Your shapeliness, your neck, your eyes, your nose, your head, your hair – oh I could compare every part of you with the beautiful things I know in my kingdom. You are utterly beautiful, my love. You stand tall and straight like a tree waiting to be plucked so that your love bears every good fruit possible. I long for the touch of your lips on my lips, so much more wonderful than even the best wine.






(she enters from behind him, as if having heard his words, and calls to him).

Then may my lips be for you alone. I belong to my lover and his desire is clearly for me.

Come let us go out to the countryside to share our love, into the beauty of that creation, where we may best share that love.


(she takes his hand and the backdrop appears as the grassy woodland of earlier on)

If you were my brother then, when we were in public, it would be perfectly all right for me to kiss you, and no one would comment. I could take you home and that would be fine. Now it can only be here on the grass as I dreamt of it before.

He puts an arm under my head for me to lean on and his other arm embraces me.

As I said, my friends, don't rush love, let it take its course and develop in the right way.





(the lights and backdrop fade, and as they come back, the backdrop is of a sloping road and couple are seen close together as they walk up the road. The chorus break in)

So, who is this returning from a desert experience, having found her lover again?





(she looks up into his face)

Do you remember when we were first together. Make me like a seal over your heart so that nothing and no one else can enter in there. Because my love is fixed unto death and I will be as jealous for you as the grave will eventually be for us. Until then our love burns as an ever consuming fire that cannot be quenched. Even the waters of mighty rivers cannot quench the fire of this love. All the money in the world cannot buy or break this love.

(they pause at the centre of the stage)





(The chorus break in)

We have a young sister who is like you but not yet fully grown. How shall we prepare for the day when she is spoken for, as you are now? If she is tall and strong we will adorn her with precious things. If she is open and vulnerable, we will guard her and protect her.




(she speaks to the audience)

I was like a wall as I grew up. I had a quite confidence and strength and now, for my love, I can bring contentment. My Solomon was completely self-sufficient – he had more than he needed. I had just myself, but that was enough to give, so I gave all that I am.





(he looks at the audience, smiles at her and says)

Well my dear, you my regal queen, with all your friends here, who listen in, what more can you say?




(she looks at the audience, she looks at him and smiles coyly)

Come away, my love, let's leave these people. Come away with me, we've only just started to learn what this love means.

(they turn their backs on the audience and, arm in arm, they walk off stage as the lights dim.)







    And so, my friends, we come to the end of this tale of love. We have seen the girl catch sight of the man and her heart is caught, but she is completely unworthy of him. But in his eyes she is utterly beautiful. They speak out their opening thoughts of each other. She imagines the wonder of love with him, but it is a romantic love that needs to be proved. He comes to her home and calls her out. So the reality of their relationship begins. When he is not there, she yearns for him and goes seeking him until she finds him and takes him back to her home. So the end of the story is that they are married, but that is not the end of the production.


     She opens her heart and tells us that it nearly didn't happen. There was a time before the wedding when he came to her and so slow was she in her response to him that he left. Had she left him with the idea that she didn't care? She went looking for him but missed him and was bruised by the world keepers. Her friends challenged her love for him, so she came to a point of declaring, herself, the wonder of him. He came to her and told her of the things he had to attend to that took him away and then reiterated his love and longing for her, again and again. By the end there is no doubt of their love for each other. She declares it is for life and that nothing must come between. They are an example for others to follow. At the finale they leave us to live out this life of love, this married couple, devoted to each other and determined to go on in it.


     And just one final word, before we leave this production. There are those who say this is a picture of Jesus and his bride. He lets her see him and she's attracted with a romantic love. He speaks words of love to her, yet she has to learn the depth of that love, the sense of utter desolation when he seems far away. The relationship must deepen in the walk together. There is no question of His love for her. This story is about her love for him, being made sure as it grows, day by day, and through trial by trial. May you too, know that love.





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