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This Contents Page will show you additional help sheets or studies that are not in the

usual Bible Alive format, but which are Studies that the author has written at various

times and which we wish to make available to you.They will be added to from time to time.

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- Figures or groups found in the Gospels

- Song of Songs in the form of a simple stage production

Isaiah's First Servant Song

  - A meditation of that first Song

- A meditation of that second Song

- A meditation of that third Song

- A meditation of that fourth Song

- An extended study of Isa 40:5

The Word of the Lord       

- An extended study of Isa 40:8

The Fear of the Lord

- A study of this phrase in Scripture
- A reflection on Psa 139:1-16
- A reflection on 1 Sam 3:1-3

Prophetic People & Prophecy

1-7 / 8-14 / 15-21 / 22-30

- An introductory overview set of studies, to the prophetic people in the Old Testament

- a consideration of this question
 - a consideration of the Scriptures on this subject


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