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Paul's 2nd Letter to Timothy






BOOK : 2 Timothy

Description : A follow up letter to Timothy from Paul who is in prison again.

Author: The apostle Paul

Date written : Probably about AD66 or 67

Chapters 4



Brief Synopsis:

•  Instead of being confined to his house (Acts 28:30)Paul has now been imprisoned by emperor Nero in a cell in chains (4:13) like a common criminal (1:16, 2:9) where he was difficult to find (1:17) and felt he was nearing the end of his life (4:6-8)
•  He obviously felt lonely and wants Timothy to come as soon as possible (1:4, 4:9,21).
•  In the face of the persecution that is taking place, he wants Timothy to guard the Gospel (1:14), persevere in it (3:14,15), keep on preaching it (4:2) and as necessary, even to suffer for it (1:8, 2:3) and ensure it is passed on (2:3)
•  Again, perhaps because of the persecution against the church, he emphasises the need to endure (2:1-13) and as in the first letter he warns against false teachers who stir up controversies (2:14-18).
•  Yet again, possibly with persecution in mind, he warns of the last days (3:1-9).
•  Perhaps for encouragement in the face of all this, he gives a strong testimony of how the Lord has looked after him always (3:10-17) and how he is sure his future with the Lord will be wonderful (4:6-8).





1:1-4 Introduction
1:5-14 Paul's Concern for Timothy
1:15-18 Paul's Situation
Ch.2 Special Instructions to Timothy

2:1-13 Call for Endurance

2:14-26 Warning about Foolish Controversies

Ch.3 Warning about the Last Days

3:1-9 Terrible Times

3:10-17 Means of Combating Them

4:1-8 Paul's Departing Remarks

4:1-5 Charge to Preach the Word

4:6-8 Paul's Victorious Prospect

4:9-22 Final Requests and Greetings



Some Key Verses:


On this page instead of providing the verses, we recommend the reader to work through the references in the Brief Synopsis above, looking them up in your Bible.



Concluding Comments


This a is a letter from a man facing his last days and expressing his concern that the Gospel be passed on and God's people stand firm. With that in mind he warns against those who would distort the Gospel and of the difficult times he sees coming at the End. For himself he is confident in his testimony of how God has kept him and will bless him in eternity in the near future.



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