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Creating a Secure Church

by Tony Thomas



Book 2 : Security in the Church



Part 1 : Objectives & Obstacles



- a book for people to be with people.


1. A Need for Today

-"I'll be there for you was a hearty cry of youth and could be the cry of the church - we're called to love one another - this book motivated by experience, including that with an Abuser,  and in experiments with Sunday Mornings - examples of the fractures that do occur in church life.

2. History & Ministry

- church isn't always wonderful - yet church is the expression of Jesus - when it is, it will express his character - grace and truth - seen in acceptance, love, care, compassion and reality - our church's history may dull our vision - the task of ministry will be enhanced by Jesus' character expressed at all times.


Part 2 : Secure in Relationships


3. Strange People!

- church is all about relationships which is difficult in a big church people's different behaviour and appearance sometimes puts us off we very often feel inadequate coping with different people we may be helped accepting people when we understand where they've come from.


4. Imperfect People!

- people are imperfect and that's difficult we often struggle with people's slowness to change yet sanctification is a process, a slow process change can be outward only, or inward leading to outward to bring change it's a partnership of God and us who bring the change change is gradual and slow reasons for slow change and what we can do to help.


5. Togetherness & Unity

- what the New Testament says about togetherness - the potential of togetherness - living with immaturity in the church - signs of immaturity to be worked upon. 


6. Secure enough to Confess

- Scriptural teaching on confession - its significance and ingredients - when it takes place - what happens afterwards


7. Secure in Team

- Specialists or team - benefits of team - accountability - types of team.


8. Strategies for Relationships

- recapping the need to consider relationships a corporate approach to relationship building - creating a caring environment in church gatherings - personal strategies for accepting others


Part 3 : Secure in Ministry


9. Secure in Change - through Mentoring

- the Biblical call for Christians to change and grow means of growth mentoring as a secure means for growth


10. Secure in Ministry - with Preaching

- Secure ministers - creating security through preaching preaching the Law gracefully teaching responsibility to think


11. Secure in Ministry - with Gifts of the Spirit

- Using prophecy in church, establishing checks, deliverance & healing ministries and creating a secure environment for them


12. A Light to the World

- Old Testament call to Israel New Testament call to the Church testimony of one church going into the community


Part 4 : When Things go Wrong


13. Secure in Correction - Theory

- why consider correction varieties of approach issues of right and wrong the example of centralised giving the example of immorality lessons to be learnt styles of correction.


14. Secure in Correction - Practice

- preparing to correct variety of situations right person for the job confronting reconciliation, restitution and reconciliation when it doesn't work fears about identity


15. Disagreeing Gracefully

- why we disagree so strongly - areas of guaranteed disagreement - disagreeing gracefully the tragedy of division.


16. Secure after Conflict

- the nature of conflict unresolved conflicts inner conflicts if you are the Offender if you are the Offended walking out reconciliation


17. Thinking about Forgiveness

- the need to consider Forgiveness when considering relationships different offences the Biblical strategy for Forgiveness to come about the key to Scriptural forgiveness things that help us receive god's grace in the forgiveness process.


Part 5 : Concluding Thoughts


18. What sort of Church?

- reviewing what we have considered some final questions.





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