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Series Theme:  The Occult

The Occult - Contents

Subject Area: The Reality and Dangers of the Occult


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1. Kickbacks

      - effects or symptoms of those who dabble with the occult

2. Reality of the Occult

    - the realities of hidden powers

3. Reality of the Spirit World

      - more than a material world

4. Fortune Telling

   - dubious approaches to getting guidance

5. Mediums & Seances

   - the reality behind trying to contact the dead

6. Ouija Boards

 - not so much a game as a source of fear 

7. Tarot Cards

   - questions to be faced with this approach to future seeking

8. Astrology

   - why 'reading your stars' reveals a personal insecurity

9. Halloween

- the facts behind what is so often considered harmless fun