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Title:   2. Reality of the Occult


A consideration of the reality behind Occult activity


This page is part of a series of pages on the world of the spirit. The first page, entitled "Occult Kick-Backs", highlights the problems that people suffer when they dabble in the occult. Another of the pages is entitled "The Reality of the Spirit World" and introduces the spirit world. This page simply highlights the reality of the occult.


1. The Meaning of the Occult

On the companion page to this one, "Occult Kick-Backs" we noted that "Occult" simple means "hidden powers".

Now if you are a materialistic atheist, you won't believe in such things.

On the other hand, if you are someone who believes in tarot cards, reading the stars, fortune telling, seances, ouija boards, black or white magic, witchcraft, and the like, you ARE someone who believes in "hidden powers".

The main question we must ask is. "What are those powers?"


2. The Possibilities of those "Hidden Powers"

When you come to think about these things, the options are very limited. 
Assuming there are such "hidden powers, ultimately there are ONLY TWO POSSIBILITIES:

1. They are impersonal forces
2. They are personal forces, involving all that 'personality' involves.



3. Different Forces ?


3.1 Impersonal Forces
Gravity is an impersonal force.  "Lay-lines", if such things exist, would be impersonal forces. 

Most people who involve themselves in the occult, hope they are dealing with impersonal forces because such a force, they think, is neutral, neither good nor bad, benevolent or harmful.

But what is the reality about some of these things. Let's take astrology for instance (see our page on Astrology for further considerations).

The essential belief is that the positions of the planets can determine the destiny of the individual.  How can inanimate rock positions in the solar system, affect who I am and what will happen to me?

Are we to believe their gravitational forces so impact me that they determine how I will act and how every person will interact with me?

One leading astrologer said, “Before interpreting the chart, it is very good to do one thing: either silently or aloud, ask for clear guidance from the powers you choose to create … from your higher self, from the divine…”, which immediately suggests the need of some external power.

Certain cultic practices talk about "life forces" within us, or energy lines etc. This sort of talk seems acceptable and not contrary to "science" because it speaks of impersonal natural forces.

Those who adhere to these beliefs do so because they see that, in the same way that physical exercise disciplines the body, certain actions or thought applications can discipline the unseen side of our lives. The key, though, is "self" being on control.

3.2 Personal Forces
This is where we move onto more uncertain ground. Consider the use of a ouija board. The participants place their fingers on a glass and they invite "something" to guide the glass.  (Can an impersonal force convey intelligent language???)

What thousands of people who have done this will testify, is that often something outside them intervenes, there really IS something directing what is going on. Now at that point one of two things happen in their minds:

              - they are suddenly filled with fear, or

              - they rationalise it as some impersonal force that cannot harm them.

Why should there be fear?  Because of the sudden unknown.  Because of the possibility that "it" might harm you somehow. Now here is the crucial belief - that a spirit force cannot harm me! But is that true?


3.3 Harmful Forces

In the previous page, "Occult Kick-Backs",  we itemised the variety of symptoms that are often seen in those who involve themselves in occult powers.

One noted occultist, considered to be one of the leading authorities on the occult in the 20th century, wrote in the middle of that century, “ During the last 20-25 years I have had considerable personal experience with persons who have complicated their lives through dabbling with the Ouija board. Out of every hundred such cases, at least 95 are worse off for the experience… I know of broken homes, estranged families, and even suicides that can be traced directly to this source .” 

Another expert testified: “ There are also hundreds of cases of innocent or naive occult involvement leading to spirit possession, insanity, financial ruin, adultery, divorce, criminal acts (even murder), and other tragedies as the books of… occultism and parapsychology proves. ”



4. The Bible reveals the truth


The Bible is quite clear that such personal powers as we've been describing, have the following aims in mind (and they're nothing to do with God!):

            1. Destructive - they will lead you towards, and try to incite    you

               towards personal   destruction.

            2. Deceptive - they confuse you and challenge you over the truth, and

                get you to believe untruths.

            3. Deluding - they tell you you're all right when your situation is getting


They are, therefore, worth avoiding!



5. Look again at occult practices


5.1 The Practices
An occult practice is anything you do that appears to use hidden powers, more often than not to try to find the future, or to use such powers for some other personal benefit.

Within such a description, therefore, comes:

Fortune telling - psychic readings, crystal ball, palm reading, tea leaves, tarot cards, astrology, clairvoyance, channelling, etc.

The Bible speaks against the practice of either enquiring of the dead or trying to find out about the future, as a self-centred and godless means of controlling personal destiny.

The correct action is to go directly to God and talk to Him about your concerns - but you need to know that He loves you before you do that - so why not go and read the pages on "Knowing Love".

5.2 Fringe Practices
There are certain practices of mind and body control which have ancient origins, often religious in basis. Modern practices sometimes may have no spiritual aspects at all,  but often they do.

Yoga and Tai-Chi are two examples of these.

The spirit contact may be in two forms:

1. The instructor may overtly get you to use spirit processes.

2. The instructor may use no overt spirit practices while instructing, but may use them personally.  

In the latter case, without realising it, you will feel some of his or her spirit contact. 


In the former case you will be making direct personal contact.


5.3 Depth of Practice
Surely, you say, simply going to a yoga class is not like getting fully involved in witchcraft.  Absolutely not. But consider the following analogy.

Minor occult contact is a little like walking through a very fine mist. It is so fine that you aren't really aware of it, but after some time when you get home, you realise your clothes are quite damp. 

Major occult activity is like walking through a terrible storm where the driving rain instantly saturates you through and through, no question! 

But in both cases you ARE wet; it's just a matter of degree. Contact with occult powers leaves a residue - always.

The symptoms on the "Occult Kick-Backs" page may be minor, but if you can identify them in any measure at all, they are still there!



6. And so?

If in doubt, stay out! 

Check you motivation: why are you 'needing' to be involved in activities that involve the occult? 

Why are you feeling inadequate?  What is driving you?

All the while, we have to say God loves you.

Go and read the "Knowing Love" pages.

You may have to ask for God's help, even at the outset, if you've been involved in occult activities. 

These activities we've spoken about above, are NOT God.  He speaks against such things.  But He is there to help you if you call on Him and are prepared to submit your life to His ways.