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Series Theme:  The Occult




Title:   1. Occult Kickbacks


A consideration of the symptoms that come with Occult activity

Introduction: A Contentious Subject

In our Society today many people are now involved in things that are either on the fringe of occult activity, or are blatantly occult activity.

The very nature of occult activity makes it a contentious subject to deal with. The fact that you are reading this page indicates you have an interest in the subject.

That interest may be there because you are already involved in occult activity, and if you are you may or may not be aware of the hold it has on you.

This page is all about the hold that operating in the realm of occult activity can have on you .

For more understanding about the occult and things that are 'occult', see the companion page, "The Reality of the Occult".  If you have questions on this present page, it may mean you need to open up and read the other page first.



1. The Meaning of the Occult

"Occult" basically means "hidden powers"

On the second page of this series, "The Reality of the Occult", we explain more fully what those powers are.

On this page, because we are going to look at the outworkings in the lives of those involved in occult practices, we simply ask, "What is it about you that makes you feel you need special powers?" 

The truth is that many of us feel inadequate and therefore seek meaning, purpose, direction and fulfilment in wrong areas.  There's a better way!


2. Brief Summary of what the Bible says about the Occult

The Bible:

  •  acknowledges the reality of a spirit world and other forces at work (The apostle Paul speaks of "powers of this dark world" and "spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms" - Ephesians 6:12 )
  •  declares that God alone should be the source of all our needs.
  •  warns against involvement with such forces; for example, the Law given by God to Israel specifically spoke against mediums, then being the classic example of those who turned to "other powers" to get guidance etc.:

Lev 19:31 - warned against turning to mediums

Lev 20:6 - God saying He was against anyone turning to mediums and spiritists.

Lev 20:27 - the death penalty for a medium or spiritist

Deut 18:10-12 - such people are detestable to God

Isa 8:19,20 - we should turn to God rather than consulting mediums and spiritists



3. Symptoms of those involved in the Occult

We are NOT, in this part, looking at what people do in terms of their occult involvement, but at the effects occult involvement seems to have on them. 

In the 'symptoms' we are about to consider, we need to be aware that you can have any or all of these and have had no contact with the occult. 

The reasons for these symptoms can be more complex than simply occult activity.

However, what we are saying, is that if you have had occult involvement (and do check the next page to see the things listed there), then don't be surprised if you find you are suffering from these symptoms.

The following are a list of the symptoms of a deeper malaise:

(A to D are ones to do with faith, E to H are harmful emotion ones)

A. Confusion

Very often when talking about spiritual matters with someone who has been involved in the occult, you hear them saying, "Well, I find this all very confusing!"

It's like their thinking is enveloped in a black cloud which stops them seeing clearly and thinking clearly.

B. Deception - believing untruth

Someone once said that if you remove belief in God, people will believe anything. 

The most common form of deception is that which is found in chapter 3 of Genesis.  In chapter 2 we find God telling Adam and Eve that they may eat of any fruit in the area of Mesopotamia with the exception of one particular tree.

He warns them that eating of that tree produces death.

The Tempter comes in Genesis 3:1 and asks Eve if God had really said they would die if they ate off that one tree.

He then tells he that she was confused and will not die.  She believes him. THAT is deception!

Some examples of deception are as follows:

      •  there is no God
      •  you can do what you like and get away with it
      •  there is no such thing as right and wrong
      •  truth is only what is right for you today  
      •  we are all gods
      •  nobody loves me or understands me 

C. Inability to Believe Christian Truth

Some people who have an open mind and are seeking truth, find it quite easy to see the truth about who they are, who Jesus Christ is and what God has done for them.

People who are or have been involved in the occult find it strangely difficult to see how obvious the truth is.

D. Inability to do certain things

People who are or have been involved in the occult find it very difficult to read the Bible.

Some find it almost impossible to speak out the name of Jesus Christ without it being a swear word.

E. Fear


People who are or have been involved in the occult frequently know a great deal about fear, irrational fear, fear that they think is normal.

F. Negative Thoughts


People who are or have been involved in the occult frequently have lots of negative thoughts. They think badly about themselves and are often quite pessimistic about the future

G. Depression

People who are or have been involved in the occult frequently suffer from depression.  Everything seems black, the world seems hard and difficult and there is no hope of light at the end of the tunnel.

H. Suicidal & Self-Harming

People who are or have been involved in the occult frequently have suicidal thoughts or self-destructive thoughts, often without knowing why.



4. How to be free from those Symptoms.

The reality is that you probably need help, and we'd be very happy to help you.

What does that help involve?  The following is a simple guide outline:

1. Recognise the problem - acknowledge what you've been involved in and the effect it's having on you.
2. Realise how much God loves you - you may wish to leave this page and go through the pages "Knowing Love" which you'll find on the Contents of the Resource Page.  


3. Ask God's forgiveness and help.
4. Renounce the activity that you have been involved in and declare that you will not return to it.


5. Ask God to help you and lead you every day.

Health Warning!

Those who have been deeply involved in occult activities should realise that being released from these things does mean a major life change which cannot be undertaken lightly. 

We're not asking you to do that, we're simply bringing to your attention the possible causes of difficulties you may have been experiencing. We bring a spiritual perspective from a Biblical viewpoint.

If you cannot accept that, then obviously this is not for you.  

If, on the other hand, as you read through various pages on this site, you come to see the truth of what is said here, then you may wish to proceed to freedom from these things by receiving help.

Unless you are completely certain that this is the path for you, please do not venture down it. 

Jesus warned that unless we are whole hearted in cleaning these things out, and taking steps to keep them out, then we can end up in a worse state than we started with. (Matthew 12:43-45)  Please don't let that happen. 

A relationship with God through Jesus Christ is the answer to all the above symptoms, but if you're not ready for that, please don't harm yourself any further.