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1. Materialism
2. A "Spirit" World


























































Title:   3. The Reality of the Spirit World


A brief introductory consideration of the reality of a world beyond the material


This page is part of a series of pages on the world of the spirit.

This page simply uses the evidence of the Bible to show the reality of the spirit world.


1. Materialism

Many people in our society today live life as if it consists of only the material world, i.e. that which you can touch, feel and measure, but is that all there is?

Think of the increasing number of groups of people who seem to believe in something more than just material things: Christians, Eastern Religions, spiritists who “call up the spirits”, New Age people who speak of “life forces” and “channelling”, witches, people who believe in horoscopes, transcendental meditation etc.



2. A “Spirit” World


•  Many modern films dwell on the “supernatural”.

•  The earliest philosophers considered an alternative to a purely material world.

•  The Greeks and Romans and primitive tribes have always  had their “gods”.

•  The world religions have always claimed an alternative.

It seems there is built into man an inner expectation of another dimension where there exists “God”.

The Bible reveals to us a world that is at least two dimensional - material and spiritual.

By way of introduction consider the following example:

2 Kings 6:9-11    Look up these verses for the story of Elisha who kept helping the king of Israel.

•  the man of God was Elisha the prophet
•  to call him a prophet immediately brings in the supernatural
•  a prophet was one who heard from God
•  Elisha warned the king of Israel every time the king of Aram came to invade and plunder their land
•  this clearly upset the king of Aram

2 Kings 6:13-16     On one occasion, Elisha and his servant were i nthe city of Dotham. The city became surrounded by the enemy, which naturally frightened the servant. Elisha has other ideas! 

•  the king of Aram finds out it is Elisha so goes to get him
•  his forces surround the city and the sight frightens Elisha's servant
•  but Elisha is a prophet and they move in the spiritual dimension as well

2 Kings 6:17   Elisha prays and asks God to open the eyes of his servant to see the reality of the situation!

•  as Elisha prayed, the servant saw the whole picture!
•  not only was there a physical army there, but there was also a heavenly army there who, we see as we read on, were probably used by God to strike the physical army with blindness.



3. Other “Spiritual” Realities

Both the Old and New Testaments are full of “spiritual happenings” :

•  Angels appeared around Jesus' birth ( Luke 1:11-22 , 26-38 , 2:8-15 )

•  Jesus ministry was full of supernatural happenings, e.g.

•  healing sick, raising dead etc. ( Matt 11:4,5 )

•  calming a storm ( Matt 8:23-27 )

•  Moses & Elijah appearing ( Matt 17:1-3 )

•  casting out demons (e.g. Mark 1:23-27 )

•  resisting Satan ( Matt 4:1-11 )

•  Jesus spoke about having come from “heaven” ( John 6:33,35,38,41,51 )

•  Jesus followers carried on performing miracles, e.g. Acts 8:5-8



4. Conclusions?

The Bible says "God is spirit" (John 4:24) and in literally hundreds of other places the Bible speaks of things happening that are beyond the purely material realm.

Modern man and woman are caught in a conflict. On one hand they hear of scientists who say, "I will only believe in what I can measure", while on the other hand there is a yearning within them that says, "There must be something more than this material world that fails to satisfy."

The Bible gives us a complete picture of creation, of a world that is both material and spiritual. Down through the centuries, millions have testified to experiencing both.  This is the reality of creation. Are you enjoying both dimensions?