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Series Theme:  Gifts of the Spirit

Gifts of the Spirit - Contents

Subject Area: What the Bible teaches about the 'Gifts of the Spirit'


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1. Jesus expressing himself

-  the 'Gifts' are simply Jesus expressing himself through the believer        

2. 1 Corinthians 12

  -   some introductory observations

3. Wisdom & Knowledge

      -  the gifts of knowing what to do, and knowing what

4. Faith

 -   the gift of believing for the impossible

5. Healings

- the gift of restoring health and wholeness

6. Miracles

- being led by God to do the impossible

7. Discernment

- gift of testing origins

8. Prophecy

- the gift of God's 'now word'

9. Tongues

- the gift of unknown languages

10. Interpretation of Tongues

- understanding prayer in tongues

11. Overview

- overall perspective