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1. Introduction

2. Variety of Healings

3. The Gift of Healing






















1. Introduction

2. Variety of Healings

3. The Gift of Healing



















Title:   5. The Gifts of Healing


A Series that considers the Gifts given by the Holy Spirit to Believers



1. Introduction


This page is one of a number that seeks to provide basic study material for the Christian who wishes to see what the Bible says about the gifts of the Spirit.


Healing Definition: a supernatural intervention of God's power over sickness, disease and brokenness, to bring restoration without or beyond natural means.



2. Variety of Healings:

  •  It is Gifts of healing i.e. there are as many sorts as there are possibilities of things being wrong.

  •  The Lord often seems to use different people for dealing with different sorts of sickness or infirmity, e.g. may be:

    •  diseases (longer term) e.g. leprosy
    •  infections e.g. ear infection
    •  to relieve pain or stress e.g. headache
    •  to rapidly restore that which is broken e.g. bones, nerves, ligaments etc.
    •  physical or emotional (psychological, spiritual)

  •  Often involves the removal of something e.g. pain, infection etc.
  •  Often involves the bringing of something e.g. peace, strength, cleansing, restoring.

In the N.T. the Greek words are:

  • "therapeuo" = to heal or cure (Mt 4:23,24, 8:7) - the most common

  • "iaomai" = to restore (Mt 8:13 , Lk 4:18 )

  • "hygiaino = to make well again, made whole (Mt 12:13, 15:31, Jn 5:6,9)

  •  "sozo" = to rescue, to save, to make whole (Mk 5:23, Acts 14:9)

 Some distinguish between healings and miracles as follows:

  •  healings = removal of sickness or disease
  •  miracle = a miracle is creative e.g. organ replaced



3. The Gift of Healings

Examples of healing in the O.T.:

  •  God who is a healer  Ex 15:26

  •  Promises of healing   Ex 23:25,26,   Psa 41:1,3

  •  Naaman healed: simple instruction    2 Kings 5:14

  •  Hezekiah healed : prayer & prophecy    Isa 38:1-5

  •  Abimelech: prayer by Abraham     Gen 20:17

What we can learn from these:

  •  Healing often came by prayer

  •  Healing often came with word of wisdom or prophecy

Examples in Jesus' Ministry :

Examples in Matthew (which ones were miracles?) :

  •  Leper healed 8:1-3

  •  Centurion's servant 8:5-13

  •  Peter's mother in law 8:14,15

  •  Paralytic 9:1-8

  •  Jairus's daughter 9:18-26

  •  Two blind men 9:27-31

  •  Mute given a voice 9:32,33

Instructions about healing:

  •  To the 12 (Mt 10:1,5,8)

  •  To the 72 (Lk 10:1,9)

  •  Jesus' healing as prophetic fulfilment (Mt 8:17 ). NB. It is NOT automatic to be claimed of right, but may be expected as Jesus leads. God delights to heal.

  •  To all Mt 28:17-20 / Mk 16:17,18 / Jn 14:12

Examples of healings in Acts:

  • Cripples healed 3:1-10, 14:8-10 

  •  Generally 5:16,   8:7,   19:11,12,   28:9

  •  Bedridden paralytic 9:32-34

  •  Dorcas from dead 9:36-41

Suggested Guidance for healings:

  •  Fill your heart with the Scriptures to believe.

  •  Be sensitive to the Spirit's leading, for people before you.

  •  Be full of love & compassion for people before you.

  •  Expect words of knowledge to initiate & proceed.

  •  Find out what is wrong (at least on the surface).

  •  Ask God how to pray.

  •  Pray with the faith God gives you.

  •  Check out progress and be prepared to continue praying.

  •  Recognise healing may be instantaneous, or gradual.

  •  Recognise healing may be partial or problem reoccur if the Lord links it with other unresolved issues there.

  •  Yet expect God to move in grace and power.


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