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Series Theme: The Gifts of the Spirit


1. Introduction

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Title:   2. A Look at 1 Corinthians, chapter 12 (mainly)


A Series that considers the Gifts given by the Holy Spirit to Believers


1. Introduction


This page is one of a number that seeks to provide basic study material for the Christian who wishes to see what the Bible says about the gifts of the Spirit.


For this page especially, the student is advised to have their Bible open to these chapters

2. Some things to be learnt

A review of these chapters 12-14 tells us the following about the gifts of the Spirit:

1. They are given for the good of the church 12:7 / 14:12

  •  they are primarily used to build up the church

  •  they may also be used to bless non-believers to help them come to belief

2. They enable service for God 12:5,6

  •  they are not for self glory, but for God's glory

3. They are given as the Spirit determines 12:11

  •  He is the one who knows what best goes with us

  •  He knows how much we can handle

4. They enable us to serve as parts of Christ's body 12:27

  •  the body is to continue the work of Jesus

  •  the gifts enable us to do just that

5. We are to eagerly desire gifts 12:31 / 14:1

  •  if they help us serve, we need them, we should want them

6. Gifts are to be used in an environment of love 13:1

  •  we should seek to express love whenever we exercise any gift

7. We are to stir & use the gift in us 1 Tim 4:14

  •  it may be up to us to use what we've been given

8. For gifts to be used there needs to be faith Rom 12:6

  •  he may provide but we have to step out in it

9. We have gifts by God's grace given us Rom 12:6

  •  a gift is an expression of grace, God's ability to me

  •  gifts don't depend on spirituality or leadership

10. That grace varies from person to person Rom 12:6

  •  some seem to have more grace, others less grace

11. Gifts seem to be available once a person is “filled” with the Spirit Acts 2:4,


  • filling seems to release faith that enables a stepping out in a particular gift

12. The 1 Cor 12:8-10 list of “spiritual gifts” should be distinguished from:

  •  Rom 12:6-8 gifts of general service

  •  1 Cor 12:29 gifts of ministries

  •  Eph 4:11 gifts of leadership ministries

13. Gifts can develop into a ministry 12:28-31.

  •  e.g. prophecy develop into the ministry of a prophet

14. The gifts also supplement a ministry .

  •  e.g. an apostle may use faith, wisdom, prophecy

  •  e.g. an evangelist may use knowledge & wisdom

15. Gifts do not indicate spirituality, merely availability .

16. Charisma without character = catastrophe (see Samson).

17. Gifts without character can promote pride .

18. Gifts often promote opposition & persecution .

19. Gifts, in this context, are spiritual enablings, as distinguished from 

      natural abilities .

20. Gifts require to be used with humility and sensitivity .


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