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1. Introduction

2. Word of Wisdom

3. Word of Knowledge



































Title:   3. Wisdom & Knowledge


A Series that considers the Gifts given by the Holy Spirit to Believers



1. Introduction


This page is one of a number that seeks to provide basic study material for the Christian who wishes to see what the Bible says about the gifts of the Spirit.

In the pages that follow, we will

  • view each of the gifts from 1 Cor 12 and will give a basic definition,
  • then see it as God moving in the Old Testament,
  • then in Jesus' ministry and finally
  • as seen in operation through the early church in the Acts of the Apostles. 

It could also be said that each of these gifts can be observed throughout the period of church history.



2. The Word of Wisdom

Word of Wisdom Definition: a supernatural word that explains how to proceed, i.e. what to do in a difficult circumstance

Examples of it happening in the O.T:

  •  Joseph instructing about the famine Gen 41:33-36
  •  God's instructions to Moses about the exodus e.g. Ex 4:1-9 - instructions on how to perform miracles
  •  God to Moses on how to get water Ex 17:4-6
  •  Making priests' garments Ex 28:3
  •  How to make the Tabernacle Ex 31:1-11
  •  Taking Jericho Josh 6:2-5
  •  Solomon's wisdom 1 Kings 3:16-28

Examples of Wisdom in Jesus' Ministry:

  •  Frequently seen in the way he responded to “catch” questions from the Pharisees
  •  About his authority Mt 21:23 -27
  •  About paying taxes to Caesar Mt 22:15-22
  •  With the adulterous woman Jn 8:3-11
  •  In his teaching generally Mt 13:54 Mk 6:2

Examples of Wisdom in Acts:

  •  Stephen speaking 6:8-10
  •  Paul's instructions at sea 27:21-26,31-35
  •  Gamaliel's counsel 5:33 -40
  •  Apostles appointing deacons 6:2-5
  •  Various other instances where God guided the apostles what to do


May be sought (Jas 1:5) but is more often just given by Jesus to guide you (Lk 21:15)



3. The Word of Knowledge

Word of Knowledge Defn: A supernatural revelation of fact(s) that could not have been known by the intellect alone.

Examples of Word of Knowledge in O.T:

  •  Arrival of Saul shown to Samuel 1 Sam 9:15,16
  •  Saul's donkeys found 1 Sam 9:20.
  •  Gehazi exposed 2 Sam 5:24-26
  •  Elisha revealing enemy positions 2 Kings 6:8-10

Examples of Word of Knowledge in Jesus' ministry:

  •  Jesus knowing the thoughts of men Mt 9:3,4
  •  “Seeing” Nathaniel Jn 1:47-50
  •  Woman at the well Jn 4:17,18

Examples of Word of Knowledge in Acts:

  •  Peter with Ananias & Sapphira 5:3
  •  Ananias with Saul 9:10-16 - form of prophecy
  •  Peter about Cornelius's servants 10:19

Comment :


We are encouraged in Scripture to ask for wisdom when we need it, which is probably frequently.

The word of knowledge seems to come to assist in ministry. It may come as part of a prophecy or just as a word standing on its own. As a gift of the Spirit it usually comes as the Spirit simply imparts information but may also come as part of a dream or vision.

Both “words” are to enable us to progress in ministry, further serving Christ. They come therefore, to the servants of Christ, to those who are given over to serving Him.

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