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Series Theme:  "Faith Sermons"

"Faith Sermons " - Contents

Subject Area: Sermons for building faith

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1. A Knowing People

Being a people who know who they are and who can state it and defend it

2. Look Back & Remember

(Remembrance Sunday) The importance of remembering the evidence for God

3. Digging for the Truth

A call to be a people who aren't afraid to make an effort to understand the truth

4. Spiritual Reality

Understanding the spiritual world - a world that is more than merely material

5. Christmas Challenges

The challenges of the Christmas Story

6. Christmas - God's Favour

Knowing God's favour - the angel's message to the Shepherds

7. Rising to the New Year

Knowing who we are as we go into the New Year

8. The Relevance of the Gospel

Observing social trends and how the Gospel meets them

9. Stepping into God's Will

How by faith we can purpose to step into God's will

10. Small Steps of Faith

Faith, obedience and dealing with the unresolved issues from the past

11. Knowing, Believing & Doing

Moving from passive knowing to active believing which results in doing (faith)

12.The Primacy of Jesus   

A brief introduction to the incredible importance of Jesus

13. Palm Sunday Speaks

Reflecting on Palm Sunday - our priorities aren't always the same as Jesus' priorities

14. Easter Sunday: And So?

The consequences of the Resurrection

15. Living with Expectations

Introducing the idea of living with expectations

16. Expectations & Outcomes Expectations, Causes & Outcomes as revealed through the Parable of the Sower

17. Expectations - Despite!

Trusting in God in the difficult circumstances we face in life.

18. Expectations - of God

In a modern world, what do we expect of God?

19. Expectations - the Bigger Picture

Trusting in God rather than trusting in our varying expectations

20. Expecting Righteousness

How righteousness is to be a goal we should expect to achieve

21. Exceeding your Expectations

How our expectations often fall far short of what God wants to do.

22. Whose World

Faith expressed in a material world

23. What sort of God

Facing the God of Love

24. God of Transformation (1)

Introducing the God who transforms as seen in Psalm 113

25. God of Transformation (2)

Hindrances to, and mechanics of transformation by God

26. God of Transformation (3)

God's underlying objectives in seeking to change us

27. God of Transformation (4)

How God can transform our minds to be positive   in our expectations of Him

28. God of Transformation (5)

A case study in the travels of the apostle Paul and in perseverance

29. Atonement A Biblical framework
30. Gospel means Good News The wonder of the Gospel

31. What Christians Believe

Key essentials