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Series Theme:  "Culture Wars"

"Culture Wars " - Contents

Subject Area: Misc. Teaching


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Prologue: Tidal Ebb and Flow

P1. The Tide that went out

P2. Is the Tide is turning?

P3. And So?


Chapter 1: Introducing the Suggested Perspective

PART 1.1 Laying down the ‘ground rules'

PART 1.2 Creating a Biblical Perspective for Learning

PART 1.3 Resources to help us


Chapter 2: Reasons to read this study

PART 2.1 Why the Need for these Studies

PART 2.2 Another Reason – we're NOT Losers!


Chapter 3: Coping with our Past

PART 3.1 The Need to Face our Past Failures

PART 3.2 The Need to Obtain Balance to Overcome

PART 3.3 “Your Answer hasn't worked!”


Chapter 4: Further Preparations

PART 4.1 Beware being Distracted

PART 4.2 Looking beyond the Surface

PART 4.3 And Today?

PART 4.4 Introducing Incels


Chapter 5: Spiritual Realities & a Language Check

PART 5.1 Understanding the Enemy

PART 5.2 Understanding the Fall

PART 5.3 Understand the Language – get informed




Chapter 6: The Heart of the War - Woke

PART 6.1 Three Resources to enlighten us

PART 6.2 Some Additional Comments on Woke


Chapter 7: Battlefield No.1 – Culture

PART 7.1 Initial Biblical Perspective

PART 7.2 Culture?

PART 7.3 Conclusions


Chapter 8: Battlefield No.2 – Identity - Part A

PART 8.1 An Introduction to Old Testament Identity

PART 8.2 A Brief Look at New Testament Identity

PART 8.3 Specific Cases of the Significance of Identity in the Old Testament

PART 8.4 The Biblical Case for family harmony 


Chapter 9: Battlefield No.2: Identity - Part B

PART 9.1 Considering Identity More Generally

PART 9.2 Some Specific Aspects of Identity

PART 9.3 Introducing Identity Politics

PART 9.4 Expressions of the Modern Identity Crisis




Chapter 10: Warfare Strategy (1) – Emotional Distortion

PART 10.1 Emotional Distortion

PART 10.2 Modern Using Emotions to sweep truth away

PART 10.3 Calling on the Expert


Chapter 11: Warfare Strategy (2) - Acrimony & Divisiveness

PART 11.1 Acrimony

PART 11.2 Divisiveness


Chapter 12: Warfare Strategy (3) – Fixity of Belief & Being

PART 12.1 Fixity of Belief – Believe what I believe

PART 12.2 Fixity of Behaviour – set in concrete?


Chapter 13: Warfare Strategy (4) – Intolerance

PART 13.1 An Intolerant Youth

PART 13.2 A Closer Look at Intolerance

PART 13.3 Fuelled by Ignorance





Chapter 14: Specific Battlefronts: 1. Sexuality – Part A

Part 14:1 Introduction to Biblical Sexuality

Part 14:4 Other Factors & Conclusions

Part 14:3 Bad Sex in the Bible

Part 14:4 Other Factors & Conclusions


Chapter 15: Specific Battlefronts: 1. Sexuality – Part B

Part 15:1 The Changing Face of Confused Sexuality

Part 15:2 The Raw Face of Modern Sexual Experience

Part 15:3 Concluding Comment from a Christian


Chapter 16: Specific Battlefronts: 2. The Gay Phenomena: Introduction

Part 16:1 Introduction

Part 16:2 The Vexed Subject of Fixity

Part 16:3 The Gay Spectrum

Part 16:4 The Question of Sex


Chapter 17: Specific Battlefronts: 2. The Gay Phenomena: Biblical Perspectives

Part 17:1 Introduction

Part 17:2 Preliminary Considerations of the Old Testament Law

Part 17:3 Further Easing into the Old Testament

Part 17:4 Further Considerations of the Law of Moses

Part 17:5 And the New Testament


Chapter 18: Specific Battlefronts: 2. The Gay Phenomena: Further Pastoral Reflections

PART 18.1 Focusing a Wider Perspective

PART 18.2 Addressing Difficulties Pastorally

PART 18.3 The Particular Problem of Gay Marriage:

PART 18.4 Conclusions?


Chapter 19: Specific Battlefronts: 3. The Transgender Conflict

PART 19.1 Introducing the Transgender Holocaust

PART 19.2 The Nature of the Battle

PART 19.3 Clarifying the Perspective


Chapter 20: Specific Battlefronts: 4. Race – 1. Racism

PART 20.1 Introducing Prejudice & Racism

PART 20.2 Seeking for a more realistic world view

PART 20.3 Critical Race Theory (CRT)


Chapter 21: Specific Battlefronts: 4. Race – 2. Reality

PART 21.1 The Case against the West

PART 21.2 The Reality of the UK and the Atlantic slave trade.


Chapter 22: Specific Battlefronts: 4. Race – 3. The Church, the Bible & Slavery

PART 22.1 Christians & History

PART 22.2 The Old Testament & Slavery

PART 22.3 The New Testament & Slavery

PART 22.4 Some Conclusions


Chapter 23: Specific Battlefronts: 5. Western Civilizations

PART 23.1 Introduction

PART 23.2 The Political Dimension

PART 23.3 The Spiritual Dimension





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