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Welcome to the site! 

This is a simple, unsophisticated, non-hi-tec site that seeks to simply present

before you the available materials. We are not selling anything; it is freely accessible.

Before you start looking at the Bible Study materials

that are here on the site, you may like to look at the following two pages:


1. To see the extent of the usage of the site (copyright) CLICK HERE

2. To see the background of the site, how it came into being, and the structure

     and style of the Bible Studies CLICK HERE.


If you are simply an interested visitor who has never thought before of

reading the Bible, you might like to try the following pages:


3. To see the author's testimony about these studies and some of the lessons

     he's learnt CLICK HERE

4. For a seven-day Introductory Study in John's Gospel CLICK HERE

5. If you would like to go straight in to one of the main studies, but it's still the

     first time you've done something like this, then we would recommend

     starting with the first series in Luke's Gospel, and so CLICK HERE




You can simply read the Comment section of each of these studies

- but you will get little from them!


If you really want the Bible to speak to you then you need to spend time reading it.

Please follow the instructions at the top of each Study page and THEN you will find

the Bible come alive to you.


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