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The Nature of this Site


This site is for any who wish to use it to help them enter into a regular Bible Reading habit, and to understand the Bible more fully. It is very simple and straight forward and lacks any graphics. We have nothing to sell and simply wish to provide these studies for free use by individuals desiring to learn more of the Christian faith through the Bible.  But please be warned, you will only get value out of the Studies if you spend time and follow the instructions. If you are casual with the Bible, you will get little from it!

The Author


The author of the studies found on this site is Tony Thomas, a retired pastor in Essex, United Kingdom.

Making contact with us

If you wish to contact Tony personally, with comments or questions, please use  Please do not send us spam e-mails for they will be automatically deleted.


The History


When Tony's children were small, he and his wife, Helen, wanted to teach their children the  basics of the Bible and so Tony started writing sets of very simple notes for their three children. These consisted of half a dozen questions with spaces for answers based on a few Bible verses each day.


Eventually these basic children's studies developed, and sets of monthly daily Bible reading notes came into being.  As Tony developed these for adult use, the present style developed and were published and sold.  To see more of his testimony and things learnt, then CLICK HERE

The Notes


As you will see from the two main Contents Pages, the notes now cover a large portion of the Bible. They have been written mainly for use with the New International Version of the Bible. [There is now also an additional, more detailed approach to Bible Studies - see 'Frameworks' on the fornt page.]

The style of Bible Alive notes [and the later Frameworks' notes] is to help you, the reader, read and take in the Bible. The purpose is not for the author to give devotional thoughts.   You will be blessed and changed when you regularly take in the Bible.  We hope the notes have been pitched at a level where new Christians and old alike can find benefit from this approach.


You do need to be warned, however, that this approach requires a measure of self-discipline together with a genuine desire to learn what God has said in His word.

The objective of this site is now to make available, freely, these Studies to any individual who would like to use them.

The notes seek to be simple and straight forward for simple daily reading or study purposes and do not seek to go into detail over authors, background etc. which would be more the prerogative of Commentaries.


The Overall Structure of the Studies


Each "Study" is a reading for a single day, although some people prefer to do two a day.

Depending on the size of the book being studied, a Study usually will cover between 2 to 10 verses.   A set of Studies covers approximately thirty days.

At the beginning of each set of Studies you will find an INTRODUCTION PAGE that sets the scene for the Studies to come.


Where it seems appropriate, often about every seven days, there is a RECAP page to remind you of the things you have read in the previous week.  Sometimes there will be additional specialist pages to explain some concept, or background to the passage just read.


At the end of each set of Studies you will find a SUMMARY page which gives you an overview of the chapters or book that you have just read, and a CONCLUSION page that highlights some of the things the passages have taught.  

The Daily Approach


Most Studies will start off with six "Find Out" Questions, to make you actually take in the verses for the day, followed by three "Think" Questions to just help you pause up and reflect on some of what you've read.


This is then followed by a "Comment" section which takes you back over the passage explaining the reading for the day to help it remain with you even more.


Finally, there is a two-question "Application" at the end of the Study, simply to point up a couple of things to be remembered or to pray about.


Well that is "Bible Alive".  We hope you enjoy reading God's word as much as we have done down through the years.

Additional Resources

In addition to the Daily Bible Studies, the site now also carries a number of other series of teaching specific subjects based on the Bible, as well as a considerable number of 'meditations' plus various books based on the Bible that we have written to encourage Christians and Seekers alike.


Be blessed!





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