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Series Theme:  Spiritual Warfare

Title: 5. Jesus - Who he is & what he's done




So far in this course we have considered who our enemy is and the basic tactics that he uses. Our next step is to consider the wonder of the person and work of our Lord, Jesus Christ. It is important that we realise just who he is and what he has done in respect of Satan.

On this page about Jesus, we simply consider who he is and what he has done.   In the next page we'll consider his activity today in more detail as we consider the work of the Holy Spirit, the “executive arm” of Jesus today.



1. Who Jesus Is

It is vital that we fully understand just who Jesus is.

In Hebrews 1:1-4   we see he is:

  • God's son (v.2),                                (Title)
  • heir of all things (v.2),                      (Position)
  • co-maker of the Universe (2),           (Activity)
  • exact representation of God (v.3),     (Appearance)
  • sustaining all things (v.3),                (Present Activity)
  • making purification for sins (v.3),      (Past Activity)
  • seated at God's right hand (v.3),       (Present Position)
  • much superior to angels (v.4)           (Overall Position)

i.e. He

  •  has the same attributes as God the Father
  •  has become heir of the whole world
  •  helped to make everything
  •  exactly represents God
  •  is all powerful and all knowing, sustaining the world
  •  deals with all sins by his death
  •  now sits at his Father's right hand
  •  is far superior in every way to any angel

Remember just who and what Satan and demons are: created beings, angels.

Jesus, therefore, as creator and sustainer of all things is MUCH, MUCH, MUCH greater than Satan and all his demons.

Make sure you maintain this perspective!


2. Jesus' Activity - an overview

It is good to constantly reiterate the truth of who Jesus is and what he has done and IS doing. If we are not absolutely clear in our minds about these things, we should go through these notes again and again and even memorise these truths.

In the great plan and purpose of God, Jesus:

2.1  Past History

  •  came from heaven
  •  lived on earth
  •  taught widely
  •  healed the sick & raised the dead
  •  cast out demons
  •  was falsely tried & crucified
  •  took our sins on the Cross
  •  rose from the dead
  •  ascended into heaven

2.2  Present Experience

  •  draws people to God
  •  heals & delivers
  •  moves in affairs of world to bring about God's purposes
  •  prepares the church for his second coming

2.3  Future Activity

  •  will return to earth, being seen by every person
  •  will take his followers to be with him
  •  will vanquish the enemy
  •  will judge every person


3. Details of Jesus' Activity

To help us take in these things, the following is a more detailed list of what Jesus did:

3.1 Jesus left his glorious position in heaven to come to earth

Jn 17:5   /  Jn 6:38

  •  Jesus didn't just come into being when he was born on earth; he had existed throughout eternity with the Father in heaven

3.2 He put aside his glory and lived in human frailty

Phil 2:7

  •  In heaven he had been the glorious Son of God in full splendour. He put aside all that to come down to earth and wear a human body.

3.3 He was tempted in EVERY way we are, but he DIDN'T give way to sin 

Heb 4:15

  •  Jesus lived an ordinary human life with the same sort of human body, had human emotions, and lived among the same sort of people, and therefore faced the same temptations we face in our lives; he understands us!
  •  Yet he didn't succumb to any temptation and didn't sin.

3.4 He came in perfect obedience to his Father in heaven

Heb 10:7 /   Jn 5:19

  •  Despite the pressures of living in a human body, at all times he sought the wishes of the Father in heaven and did all he was told to do, even though that was sometimes incredibly difficult
  •  His rule was “Yet not as I will, but as you will” (Mt 26:39)

3.5 He allowed the Holy Spirit to minister through him to heal the sick, deliver the demonised, raise the dead, and generally counter the works of Satan on earth.

 Lk 4:18,19 /  Mt 11:4,5

  • His life was one of selfless giving, despite frequent tiredness and constant demands of people on him, he poured out God's love in power

3.6 He was plotted against and falsely tried

Acts 4:27 /   Isa 53:3,8 /  Acts 2:23

  •  Because of his total goodness, the self-centred, godless and unrighteous attitudes of those who should have known better, made them vulnerable to the promptings of the enemy and they rose up against him.

3.7 He was beaten, tortured and crucified by Satan's agents and was railed against by the demons hordes but never responded wrongly

Mt 27:26-30 / Psa 22:12,16 (prophetic insight into the mind of the crucified One)

  •  Every violent expression of sin was turned upon him and he received it all in his body.
  •  Every violent expression in the spiritual realms was turned upon him and he received it in his spirit.

3.8 He took our sin upon himself on the Cross

2 Cor 5:21 / 1 Pet 2:24 / Isa 53:12

  •  As he hung on the Cross, it was as if all your individual sins, deserving punishment were laid on Jesus, as if to say “Here are the reasons you are hanging here taking this punishment”
  •  In that sense it was, in God's eyes in eternity, as if they were transferred from you to him.

3.9 He descended into hell to complete his punishment

1 Pet 3:18-20

  •  Although this is a somewhat obscure and difficult passage that has caused problems for commentators, it would seem to indicate Jesus' descent into hell
  •  While his body was put to death, by the enabling of the Holy Spirit, he was able to go in his spirit into the prison world of the spirit, hell.
  •  If hell is the ultimate punishment, then it would seem logical that if Jesus was to take the full punishment for our Sin, it would be necessary for him to be separated from his Father and descend to the place of ultimate separation, before he was raised again.

3.10 He rose from dead as proof of who he was

Acts 2:24 /   Acts 17:31

  •  The resurrection of Jesus is the ultimate proof that he was who he said he was.

3.11 He ascended into heaven to rule at his Father's right hand

1 Pet 3:22 / 1 Cor 15:25 / Eph 1:20-22 / Psa 110:1

  •  see also the following for Jesus seated with the Father: Mk 16:19, Acts 2:33, 5:31, 7:55, Rom 8:34, Phil 2:9, Col 3:1, Heb 1:3, 8:1, 12:2
  •  see also the following for Jesus ruling: Eph 1:22, Heb 2:8

3.12 He is now IN THE PROCESS of putting everything in subjection under his feet

1 Cor 15: 24,25   / Eph 1:19-22   /  Eph 2:6,7

  •  As he reigns at the Father's right hand, Jesus works out the Father's will on earth, continuing to do the things he started doing, but now through his church
  •  This means Jesus reigns or rules or brings the father's will through the church which is a gradual process.

3.13 That process will be complete when he comes as conquering king

Rev 19:11-17 / 1 Thess 4:16,17 / Mt 24:27,30,31

  •  The end is quite clear; Jesus will return in glory and all will see him coming
  •  At that point, we who are on earth will be caught up to him
  •  He will then deal with his enemies once and for all

3.14 He has decreed that Satan's end will be in the lake of fire

Rev 20:10

  •  This is the last reference to Satan in the Bible
  •  This is what God has decreed his end is to be
  •  In the meantime He uses him for His purposes as He will.


4. Jesus & Satan

  In respect of Satan, Jesus came:

4.1 To destroy his works

1 Jn 3:8b

4.2 To take away Satan's grounds of accusation

Col 2:14,15 / Rom 3:28 / Heb 9:28

  •  We are saved by believing Jesus, not by following rules
  •  Satan thus can't accuse us of failing to keep the rules
  •  Jesus died for our failures, so Satan can no longer accuse us

4.3 To take away the fear of death (by his resurrection) that Satan uses

Heb 2:14,15

  •  Because we have a future in heaven, we no longer have to fear death

4.4 To release His Spirit to us to give us:

  •  Wisdom to overcome Satan's wiles
  •  Power to counter Satan's works  

to earn the right to judge Satan in eternity and reclaim the world back to himself at the end.

                                                                        (see verses above.)


Many Christians relish the facts about Satan and his demons, but the content of this Page is THE most important Part in the whole Warfare series. Please go back over the notes on this Page and ensure you fully understand them, so you can apply these truths in the midst of warfare, to maintain a right perspective.


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