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Series Theme:  Spiritual Warfare

Title:   17. Corporate Aspects:  b) Workers Together




The series on Spiritual Warfare concludes with two aspects of warfare - the recognition that we are not alone in the fight, and that there are others with different gifts to help us in it.

In the previous study we noted that we are not called to stand alone in the battle. In this study we progress to realise that we fight with our gifts and other gifted people alongside us.


1. Individually Gifted

  •  The Bible clearly indicates that each one of us has been gifted by God

  •  Jesus' parable of the talents (Mt 25:14-30) shows that Jesus expects us to use the various gifts he has given us

  •  Paul indicated (Rom 12:6) that we have different gifts that are all the result of God's free giving, uniquely to each one

  •  Paul explained that these gifts came by the enabling of the Holy Spirit within us (1 Cor 12:7)


2. Workers Together - with God and with People

As we have already seen, God has not gifted us to work individually, but in harmony together as a “body”, HIS body.

  •  We don't do what pleases us, but what is directed by Jesus, the head of the body ( Eph 4:15 )

  •  Jesus has a plan already prepared by which he knows what he wants us to be doing ( Eph 2:10 )

  •  We are therefore called, not simply to do what we think is good, but to flow with the Holy Spirit, working with God ( 2 Cor 6:1 / 1 Cor 3:9 )

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3. Some Conclusions


    If we really take in these two sections above, it should raise some questions in our minds: 

3.1 My Gifting?

  •  Am I aware (without false modesty) of the gifts or abilities that God has given me?

  •  Am I allowing Him to use these gifts?

  •  Am I, in faith, looking for him to enlarge the use of these gifts?

  •  Can I rest in these gifts, not coveting what others have got?

3.2 Gifting of Others

  •  Do I recognise the gifts that God has given to those closest to me or over me in the church?

  •  Am I open to be blessed by God through those gifts?

  •  Do I see where my gifts “fit in” with others in the part of the body where I am in the local church?

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4. The Purpose of Such Gifting


 In the warfare context, these gifts can be used in two ways:

4.1  Defensively

  •  to establish, protect, warn, encourage, strengthen

4.2  Offensively

  • Persistent prayer (intercession)

  • Prophecy, to receive the strategy

  • Wisdom, to know how to apply it

  • Knowledge, to reveal unknown facts

  • Faith, to stand against the enemy

  • Miracles, to break through the impossible

  • Discernment, to understand what you are confronting

  • Authority, to command release

  • Evangelism, to release salvation

  • Healing, to bring wholeness and health

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5. Essential Ingredients

  There are two things we should be particularly aware of here:

5.1 God's Sovereign Moving

  •  The Lord is constantly on the move (Jn 5:17)

  •  We do not have to prompt Him, He IS moving

  •  Our part is simply a) to hear/observe Him & b) to follow Him

  •  He will not ask us to do more than we are capable of doing by His grace in us

  •  What He asks us to do will only be a PART of His overall plan, for we are but one part of the body

  •  He may get others to initiate things and want us to follow in what they have started off, i.e. we may not be leaders, but simply followers

  •  Whether we are leaders or followers we all have a part to play and are individually responsible to Him for the way we respond to His leading

  •  He is Lord of all things! (see earlier studies in this Course)

5.2 Faith

  •  It requires faith to respond to the unseen

  •  Faith is responding to what we hear (together?) from Him

  •  Faith is risky and may involve making mistakes in the learning process

  •  In the body, others who love us, will correct or encourage us

  • Faith enables Him to make the unseen seen, the impossible possible!