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Series Theme:  Spiritual Warfare

Title:   15. Fighting:  d) Spirit-led Prayer




We now move on to the 4th page about how we actually go about fighting in the spiritual world.  These four pages have covered Our Position, Our Protection, our Weapons, and and now Spirit-led Prayer

1. Spirit Led Prayer


Eph 6:18

Question: How are we to pray?

Answer: "in the Spirit" or as paraphrase versions sometimes say, "as the Spirit leads you." 

Jn 14:13

Question: How are we to pray? 

Answer: Asking in Jesus' name.


Question: What does "asking in Jesus' name" mean?

Answer: It means you are to put yourself in Jesus' shoes, asking the Holy Spirit to lead you in prayer, expecting him to give us a sense of what Jesus wants. In other words you ask the Father as you believe Jesus would ask.  You are seeking to bring your mind in line with the mind of the Holy Spirit.



2. Keys to Success


The keys to this sort of Christian activity therefore, are;

a) We need to be praying

  •  prayer is an essential ingredient to Christian warfare!

  •  it is easy to talk about prayer, but not do it!

  •  as we pray His will, it opens the way for Him to move.


b) We need to learn to listen to Him

  •  to pray His will we need to hear it first.

  •  in doing this we submit our will to His.

c) We need to discipline ourselves NOT to pray every bright idea

  •  there may be lots of options, but only ONE right one.

  •  the Lord knows the right one, His will.

In learning to listen to the Holy Spirit speaking to us, as part of our training, it is essential that we:

i) fill our hearts & minds with His word (Scripture) so that we
ii) more and more understand His WAYS ( Ex 33:13 ) and
iii) not be led off by Satan into ways, thoughts and ideas that are not God's, so that we

iv) enable His will on earth to be released.

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3. Types of Prayer

It is always helpful for us to remember the different ways we can pray as the Bible suggests. It is likely that as the Holy Spirit leads us, it will be into one of these forms of prayer.

In  1 Tim 2:1   Paul encourages us to make "requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving"


Note the types of praying that are suggested here:

a) "requests"

  •  humble petitions for specific needs


b) "prayers"

  •  general requests, e.g. for daily provision

c) "intercession"

  •  pleading on behalf of others, a real heart-moved praying 


d) "thanksgiving"

  •  expressing gratitude, which helps us keep a right perspective.




4. The Fruit of Praying

When we pray, things happen. We may not be immediately aware of them, but they WILL happen.

a) God acts

  • Mt 7:7

  •  When we keep asking, God will act

b) Peace comes

  • Phil 4:6,7

  •  When we commit our whole lives to God, peace comes from Him.

c) Revelation

  • Eph 1:18,19

  •  Often as we pray we suddenly start seeing the truth in a new way

d) Discipline

  • Lk 18:1

  •  Jesus taught that we should pray, which means it needs to become a discipline.

  • 2 Tim 1:7   Self discipline is a working of the Holy Spirit in us.

e) Fellowship

  • Mt 18:19,20

  •  As we pray together, the sense of Jesus' presence comes to us.

  •  This speaks about praying in unity (fellowship) with others.

These are the things that happen when we do pray and are led by the Spirit.