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Series Theme:  Spiritual Warfare

Title:   10. Clearing the Past:  c) Rejection




In these four pages of "Clearing the Past" we consider Guilt, Fear & Anxiety, Rejection and Unresolved Conflict as four areas where things from the past impinge on the present.

On this page we move on to consider "Rejection", how it occurs, the effect it has on us and dealing with it. By comparison with the previous page,  this one will be very brief.


1. How it occurred?

  •  We were simply aware of parental feelings

    •  which they may or may not have spoken out

    •  perhaps because a brother or sister was more favoured

    •  perhaps because they hadn't wanted another child

  •  We were told a negative

    •  we were told something negative

    •  we allowed that to settle as truth within our heart   e.g. “we don't want you”

  •  Others acted negatively towards us

    •  we are different from them, so they ridiculed us, e.g.

      •  very clever, branded as a boffin

      •  had learning disabilities, called stupid
    •  partner left us for another




2. The Effect it had on us

  Likely effects will be:

  •  Feelings of:

    •  hurt & anguish (& subsequent over-sensitivity)
    •  inferiority (& demanding attention)
    •  inadequacy (& poor at building relationships)
      •  weakness (& subsequent inability to succeed) 
      •  anger (& potential bitterness)
      •  wanting to withdraw (& desire to escape reality)


Possibly invoking a curse upon ourselves or on others, e.g.

  • “I'll never let anyone hurt me again”
  • “I hate them!”

 Generally being limited in the way we relate to others


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3. Dealing with Rejection

3.1  Understand & Face the Circumstances

 It is helpful to understand the other person's distress
  •  i.e. what causes them to respond to you as they did
    •  hurt and fear in your parents?
    •  fear & misunderstanding in others


3.2  Come to the Truth   (look up and meditate on each of the following verses)

 God never rejects us      Rom 8:31b / Heb 13:5b / Eph 1:4 /  Psa 139:13, 16
 God will work good from it  Gen 50:20 /  Rom 8:28
 You are precious to Him     Acts 20:28

3.3  Meditate on the Truth

     Consider what the Bible teaches as truth, e.g.

 Joseph was rejected by his brothers,  but see what God did through him.
 Moses was rejected by his people in Egypt,  but God was still able to use him wonderfully
 David was rejected by Saul, but it didn't stop him going on to be king

3.4  Deal with your Wrong Responses

 Repent of bad feelings you took on board, e.g.
 - unforgiveness
 - anger & bitterness.


Repent of not having sought God for His grace before

 -  He was always there to help you.

 Reject unbelief

 - challenge the “poor old me” feelings.

 Declare faith

 - you will believe God

 - you will go on to receive His purposes for your life.


Determine to live out positively with Christ's help & praise Him for it!