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Series Theme:  Looking at Prayer Afresh

Prayer Afresh - Contents

Subject Area: Further thoughts on Prayer in the ChurchScroll down the page and simply click the appropriate title.

1. Introduction

- the reasons for these papers and questions about prayer

2. A New Perspective

- a call to have a godly attitude and perspective

3. God at Work

- to face the fact that God IS working to bring about His will

4. Corporate Listening Praying

  - a fresh look at corporate prayer as a means of listening to God

5. Corporate Unified Praying

  - working together for a concensus on God's will

6. Prayer for Physical Healing

      - a fresh look at prayer for healing

7. Considerations about Praying for Revival

 - being thoughtful about prayer and obedience

8. Confident Asking: A Nail in the Coffin of Unbelief

- facing the challenge of unbelief in our prayer meetings

Appendix: Focusing Prayer

- A way to pray in the face of possible renewal or revival