God is Not Great - an Appraisal  - Chapter 9


This is the Chapter 9  Page for the appraisal of the contents

of Christopher Hitchens' book, God is Not Great.

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Chapter 9: The Koran is Borrowed from both

Jewish and Christian Myths




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Chapter Content


Because the content of the next fourteen pages is mainly about the Koran, we will simply note below what he says about it.


P.123,124 The Koran is only the Koran if it is in the original language

P.124,125 Demystifying holy books by bringing them to the ordinary people but not the Koran

P.125,126 The tendency to silence dissenters

P.126 The author's testimony of contact with Islam

P.127 The story of an upset Christian

P.127-137 The origins of Islam and problems





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General Comment


This is a chapter not for a Christian to defend but a Moslem. As usual, as we've come to expect, there are some cheap shots at Christianity along the way, but nothing beyond that which has already come and been dealt with in previous chapters. With that in mind we will pass on quickly.




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