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Part A
"Putting the Book in Context"
How to read these pages, why written, style, approach etc.
A brief overview of each chapter

FURTHER RESOURCES:  1. Lessons for the Church,  2. Basic Christian Beliefs,

3. Questions on Evolution, 4. Quotes on Evolution,  5. Bad Thinking,  

6. The Mis-Use of Liberal Theologians, 7. Science or Philosophy, 

8. Facts, Formulas & Freaky Behaviour,  9. Angry Judgemental God?

Part B
A Critique of the book, chapter by chapter
Chapter 1
Scientists who are not Christians, & why should religion be respected?
Chapter 2 - 1st half

Polytheism, Monotheism,  Secularism, the Founding Fathers, and

The Poverty of Agnosticism

Chapter 2 - 2nd half

Noma, The Great Prayer Experiment, The Neville Chamberlain School of Evolutionists, Little Green Men

Chapter 3 - 1st half
Thomas Aquinas' ‘Proofs', The Ontological Argument,
The Argument from Beauty & from Personal Experience
Chapter 3 - 2nd half

The Argument from Scripture & from Admired Religious Scientists,

Pascal's Wager, Bayesian Arguments

Chapter 4

Ultimate Boeing, Natural Selection, Irreducible Complexity, Gaps,

The Anthropic Principles, Interlude at Cambridge

Chapter 5

Natural Selection, Advantages of Religion, Group Selection, Religion as a By-Product,Psychologically Primed for Religion, Memes, Cargo Cults

Chapter 6

Preamble, Does our moral sense have a Darwinian origin?  A Case Study in the

Roots of Morality, If there is no God, why be Good?

Chapter 7- 1st Half
Preamble, &  The Old Testament
Chapter 7 - 2nd Half

Is the New Testament any Better?, Love thy Neighbour, The Moral Zeitgeist,

What about Hitler & Stalin? Weren't they Atheists?

Chapter 8
Preamble, Fundamentalism and the Subversion of Science, The Dark Side of Absolutism, Faith and Homosexuality, Faith and the Sanctity of Human Life,The Great Beethoven Fallacy, How ‘Moderation' in Faith Fosters Fanaticism
Chapter 9

Preamble, Physical and Mental Abuse, In Defence of Children, An Educational Scandal, Consciousness-Raising Again, Religious Education as Part of a Literary Culture

Chapter 10
Preamble, Binker, Consolation, Inspiration, The Mother of all Burkas


















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