"Learning to Give - by Faith"



"Learning to Give - by Faith"

How to Give: A Quick Summary




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How to Give? – a quick summary


The following are brief notes to help focus on how we may go about it. For a fuller explanation go to the main article on ‘Learning to Give by Faith'.



1. With Regularity:

  • If you don't plan it, you probably won't give (see 1 Cor 16:1,2).
  • Put money aside before Sunday morning, or even set up a Standing Order, to ensure that your giving is not casual but a purposeful act of worship.
  • If you are away one week, or we have a Guest Service, do you give double next week?
  • That is regular giving, making sure you never miss out.



2. With Determination:

  • The enemy will give you every reason why you can't give: “You can't afford to give!” - a lie, it just means you consider your own needs more important than God's!
  • It may be quite a battle to break new ground, because of the spirit of the age, but God will bless our perseverance.
  • It just needs our determination and His grace (2 Cor 9:8).


3. With Planned Calculation:

•  Not leftovers:

•  The experience of most is that unless you plan and calculate it, you will only give God the leftovers (change in the pocket).

•  If you only give what is left over, you will find you give virtually nothing, an unscriptural nothing!

•  God first, then adjusted lifestyle:

•  A giver starts by saying “What can I give to God? Now what is left over to live with?” and adjusts their lifestyle accordingly.

•  The experience through the ages is that if you start by considering having to maintain your lifestyle, you will never be content (e.g. Hag 1:2-11), yet when people have honoured God first, then the blessing of God has been on them (see Mal 3:8-12).



4. Deciding an amount:

•  Again experience shows that unless you determine a regular amount, you will become self-concerned, anxious, in financial difficulty and eventually not give at all.

•  Setting an amount is difficult. Setting a regular percentage of income proves the easiest.

•  The tithe (10%) of the O.T. indicated that God knew that the Israelite could live comfortably on the other 90%.

•  What went for them could be a good guide for us.

•  The crucial thing is making the decision to do it.

•  Once you do it, it soon becomes easy and you find blessing comes on your finances.

•  Today people ask “10% of my gross or net income?”.

•  Well start with net and watch how your attitude changes.

•  Once we break the materialistic hold over us, faith starts to flow in abundance.

•  Soon we find we have a freedom to give without worry and, even more, soon we find a new order and blessing coming to our lives, and when there are special needs we won't reduce our regular percentage giving, but simply extend our faith to give more.



5. With Awareness: 


  • As we break the stronghold of materialism over our lives by regular, determined, calculated giving, God starts opening our eyes to see the whole “spending thing” in a new light.   
  • Be warned this is a consequence!  
  • If you determine to put this area of your life right with God, He will start showing you the world through new eyes.
  • Your concerns will soon become less self-centred and more others-centred.
  • Be aware, that sometimes when we start giving to God in an obedient, faith filled way, other things change as well, but the end result will always be blessing, because He promises it. 
  • Watch for it!



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