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FRAMEWORKS: Psa 82: A Call to the Judge


A psalm of Asaph.


[Preliminary Comments: A short psalm that portrays the Lord as the Judge of the earth [v.1] who calls the people to maintain justice [v.2-4]. He points out that idols are worse than useless when it comes to bringing justice, and human beings are only a little better [v.5-7], and concludes with a call for the Lord to judge the earth and hold all accountable as they are of His making and, at the end, still belong to Him [His inheritance].



v.1 The Lord as Judge


v.1  God presides in the great assembly;
     he renders judgment among the ‘gods':


v.2-4 He calls for justice


v.2  ‘How long will you defend the unjust
     and show partiality to the wicked?
v.3  Defend the weak and the fatherless;
     uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed.
v.4  Rescue the weak and the needy;
     deliver them from the hand of the wicked.


v.5-7 Idols are useless, humans are of God's making but still die


v.5  ‘The “gods” know nothing, they understand nothing.
     They walk about in darkness;
     all the foundations of the earth are shaken.

v.6  ‘I said, “You are ‘gods';
     you are all sons of the Most High.”
v.7  But you will die like mere mortals;
     you will fall like every other ruler.'


v.8 A call for the Judge to judge the earth


v.8  Rise up, O God, judge the earth,
     for all the nations are your inheritance.



[Additional Comments: The fact that the word ‘judgment' occurs 158 times in the NIV indicates that this is an important subject, God's evaluation and subsequent action in respect of sinners in the human race. It is the apostle James who declares, “There is only one Lawgiver and Judge,” (Jas 4:12) and concludes with the warning, “The Judge is standing at the door.” (Jas 5:9). As we said in the previous psalm, this psalm is a wakeup call.]



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