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FRAMEWORKS: Psa 110: The coming Priest-Conqueror


Of David. A psalm.


[Preliminary Comments: A prophetic psalm that speaks of the coming Messiah [see below on NT uses and fulfilment] who will reign at God's right hand [v.1] ruling in the midst of his enemies [v.2]. His reign will culminate in a great battle [v.3] but as well as being a conqueror, he will also be a high priest bringing in a new priesthood [v.4]. God will uphold him and guarantee him victory over their enemies [v.5-7]. See below for more.]



v.1 God says to David's Lord, the Messiah, he is to rule at His side


v.1  The Lord says to my lord:

‘Sit at my right hand
     until I make your enemies
     a footstool for your feet.'


v.2 The Messiah will rule on the earth in the midst of his enemies


v.2  The Lord will extend your mighty sceptre from Zion, saying,
     ‘Rule in the midst of your enemies!'

v.3 There will come a day of battle when his followers will be beside him


v.3  Your troops will be willing
     on your day of battle.
Arrayed in holy splendour,
     your young men will come to you
     like dew from the morning's womb.


v.4 He will also bring in a new priesthood


v.4  The Lord has sworn
     and will not change his mind:
‘You are a priest for ever,
     in the order of Melchizedek.' [see Gen 14]


v.5-7 On that day of judgment God will triumph over His enemies


v.5  The Lord is at your right hand;
     he will crush kings on the day of his wrath.
v.6  He will judge nations, heaping up the dead
     and crushing the rulers of the whole earth.
v.7  He will drink from a brook along the way;
     and so he will lift his head high.



[Additional Comments: This psalm is quoted in the New Testament as follows:

v.1,2 – Acts 2:34,35 Peter uses these verses to show Jesus was this Messiah. 1 Cor 15:25 – Paul uses it about the duration of Jesus' reign. Numerous times Paul refers to Jesus now seated at his Father's right hand. The writer to the Hebrews – 1:13 – uses v.1 to show how Jesus is superior to angels. Jesus also uses this verse – Mt 22:44 – in his arguments with the Pharisees.

v.4 – The writer to the Hebrews – Heb 5:6, 7:17 – uses this verse to show Jesus is this high priest. He also combines v.1 & 4 – Heb 8:1 & 10:12-14 – to show Jesus the high priest sat down at God's right hand when he had finished his work.

v.3,5,6 [TT1]   – appear to reflect the battle that ensues when Jesus returns - Rev 19:11-21 and the judgment he brings.]



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