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FRAMEWORKS: Hosea 12: Remember and learn from the past


PART ONE: v.1-2: Face your Sin and Judgment [1]
PART TWO: v.3-6: Learn from the Past [1]
PART THREE: v.7-11: Face your Sin and Judgment [2]
PART FOUR: v.12-14: Learn from the Past [2]

[Preliminary Comment: This present chapter,

Part 1, confronts Israel with their sins [v.1] and warns of judgment [v.2] but then

Part 2, reminds this present people of their heritage, where they came from – their original father, Jacob, a struggler [v.3], a wrestler with God [v.4] – as if to shame them to recognise He is the Almighty One [v.5] so they will learn to turn back to Him [v.6] and

Part 3, turn away from their unrighteous behaviour [v.7,8], because He WILL send them into exile to live in tents again, just like they did when they left Egypt [v.9]. They should remember He has always sent prophets to warn them [v.10] and so as they disregard them and continue in idolatry their idols will be destroyed [v.11].

Part 4, again, to realise the reality of this, remember how God had led Jacob when he fled to look for a wife [v.12], how later He used Moses to deliver Israel from Egypt [v.13] and despite all this they still turn to their idols [v.14].

Everything about this chapter says

•  remember your past history, where you came from,

•  remember the Lord had been there for you,

•  and realise you should learn from this and repent and save yourselves [implied].

A chapter of warnings to learn from the past to save yourselves in the present. Yet again, the Lord is persevering with this foolish people, trying to bring them to their senses.]


PART ONE: v.1-2: Face your Sin and Judgment [1]


v.1 Israel continues to ‘chase the wind', turning to both Egypt and Assyria


v.1  Ephraim feeds on the wind;
    he pursues the east wind all day
    and multiplies lies and violence.
He makes a treaty with Assyria
    and sends olive oil to Egypt.

v.2 Judah also will be punished for their wrong doings


v.2  The Lord has a charge to bring against Judah;
    he will punish Jacob according to his ways
    and repay him according to his deeds.


PART TWO: v.3-6: Learn from the Past [1]


v.3 From birth Jacob had been a struggler [Gen 25:26]


v.3  In the womb he grasped his brother's heel;
    as a man he struggled with God.

v.4 He wrested with God [Gen 32:24] but was blessed at Bethel [Gen 35:9,10]


v.4  He struggled with the angel and overcame him;
    he wept and begged for his favour.
He found him at Bethel
    and talked with him there –

v.5 Remember this was the Sovereign Lord dealing with him


v.5  the Lord God Almighty,
    the Lord is his name!

v.6 So they must learn from this and return to Him


v.6  But you must return to your God;
    maintain love and justice,
    and wait for your God always.


PART THREE: v.7-11: Face your Sin and Judgment [2]


v.7 Dishonest merchants love to defraud


v.7  The merchant uses dishonest scales
    and loves to defraud.

v.8 And Israel thought her prosperity would protect her


v.8  Ephraim boasts,
    ‘I am very rich; I have become wealthy.
With all my wealth they will not find in me
    any iniquity or sin.'


v.9 But He will send them into exile to live in tents, just like they had started out


v.9  ‘I have been the Lord your God
    ever since you came out of Egypt;
I will make you live in tents again,
    as in the days of your appointed festivals.

v.10 God had spoken to them again and again as a privileged nation


v.10  I spoke to the prophets,
    gave them many visions
    and told parables through them.'


v.11 The idolatry seen in Gilead and Gilgal will be reduced to nothing


v.11  Is Gilead wicked?
    Its people are worthless!
Do they sacrifice bulls in Gilgal?
    Their altars will be like piles of stones
    on a ploughed field.


PART FOUR: v.12-14: Learn from the Past [2]


v.12 Remember how Jacob fled and got wives [Gen 29:20]


v.12  Jacob fled to the country of Aram;
    Israel served to get a wife,
    and to pay for her he tended sheep.

v.13 In the fulness of time He used Moses to deliver Israel from Egypt


v.13  The Lord used a prophet to bring Israel up from Egypt,
    by a prophet he cared for him.

v.14 But now, despite this, this northern kingdom's guilt will bring judgement on them


v.14  But Ephraim has aroused his bitter anger;
    his Lord will leave on him the guilt of his bloodshed
    and will repay him for his contempt.



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