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Series Theme: FRAMEWORKS: Exodus

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Exodus 10: Eighth & Nine Plagues


v.1-20 EIGHTH PLAGUE: Locusts

v.21-29 NINTH PLAGUE: Plague of Darkness



v.1-20 EIGHTH PLAGUE: Locusts


Big Purpose

v.1,2 Then the Lord said to Moses, “Go to Pharaoh, for I have hardened his heart and the hearts of his officials so that I may perform these signs of mine among them that you may tell your children and grandchildren how I dealt harshly with the Egyptians and how I performed my signs among them, and that you may know that I am the Lord.”


v.3 So Moses and Aaron went to Pharaoh and said to him, “This is what the Lord, the God of the Hebrews, says: ‘ How long will you refuse to humble yourself before me? Let my people go, so that they may worship me.


v.4 If you refuse to let them go, I will bring locusts into your country tomorrow.

v.5 They will cover the face of the ground so that it cannot be seen. They will devour what little you have left after the hail, including every tree that is growing in your fields.

v.6 They will fill your houses and those of all your officials and all the Egyptians—something neither your parents nor your ancestors have ever seen from the day they settled in this land till now.'” Then Moses turned and left Pharaoh.

Pleading in the court

v.7 Pharaoh's officials said to him, “How long will this man be a snare to us? Let the people go, so that they may worship the Lord their God. Do you not yet realize that Egypt is ruined?”

Partial Relenting

v.8 Then Moses and Aaron were brought back to Pharaoh. “Go, worship the Lord your God,” he said. “But tell me who will be going.”

v.9 Moses answered, “We will go with our young and our old, with our sons and our daughters, and with our flocks and herds, because we are to celebrate a festival to the Lord.”

Arguing & Rejection

v.10 Pharaoh said, “The Lord be with you—if I let you go, along with your women and children! Clearly you are bent on evil.

v.11 No! Have only the men go and worship the Lord, since that's what you have been asking for.” Then Moses and Aaron were driven out of Pharaoh's presence.


v.12 And the Lord said to Moses, “Stretch out your hand over Egypt so that locusts swarm over the land and devour everything growing in the fields, everything left by the hail.”

Implementation - Locusts

v.13 So Moses stretched out his staff over Egypt, and the Lord made an east wind blow across the land all that day and all that night. By morning the wind had brought the locusts;

v.14 they invaded all Egypt and settled down in every area of the country in great numbers. Never before had there been such a plague of locusts, nor will there ever be again.

v.15 They covered all the ground until it was black. They devoured all that was left after the hail—everything growing in the fields and the fruit on the trees. Nothing green remained on tree or plant in all the land of Egypt.

Confession again

v.16 Pharaoh quickly summoned Moses and Aaron and said, “I have sinned against the Lord your God and against you.


v.17 Now forgive my sin once more and pray to the Lord your God to take this deadly plague away from me.”

v.18 Moses then left Pharaoh and prayed to the Lord.


v.19 And the Lord changed the wind to a very strong west wind, which caught up the locusts and carried them into the Red Sea. Not a locust was left anywhere in Egypt.


v.20 But the Lord hardened Pharaoh's heart , and he would not let the Israelites go.


[Notes: Again the mini sub-headings should give a sense of actions. Note:

- The big statement of verses 1 & 2 stands out as the Lord openly declares again His purpose.

- Moses question in v.3 is very much in Pharaoh's face and Moses is obviously becoming more bold as the plagues progress.

- The denuding of the countryside by the locusts [v.5] must have made the destruction by the hail seem fairly minor by comparison, and their shear numbers penetrating even into homes must have been frightening as well as unpleasant.

- There is no mention of Israel and in the light of them having been saved from the previous plagues one might assume that is true here, as it will be in the next one. The fact that the locusts will be clearing up the fields affected by the hail, implies not the grassland of Goshen that had not been affected by hail.

- The impending devastation of the country is seen by Pharaoh's officials as utterly ruining the country and they are now pleading with Pharaoh [v.7] to let Israel go.

- Pharaoh's intransigence must surely verge on madness in the light of the way these plagues have so obviously come from the all-powerful God:

- with warnings accurately given as what will happen each time,

- the intensity of the plagues clearly increasing,

- Israel being protected from the fourth plague onwards.

It must stand as one of history's greatest examples of human pride, bolstered no doubt by demonic occult activity. It is little wonder that God wants to bring an end to this reign that must be imposing fear and superstition on God's world that was never intended.]



v.21-29 NINTH PLAGUE: Plague of Darkness



v.21 Then the Lord said to Moses, “Stretch out your hand toward the sky so that darkness spreads over Egypt—darkness that can be felt.”

Terrible implementation

v.22 So Moses stretched out his hand toward the sky, and total darkness covered all Egypt for three days.

Distinction – Israel in the light

v.23 No one could see anyone else or move about for three days. Yet all the Israelites had light in the places where they lived.

Partial capitulation

v.24 Then Pharaoh summoned Moses and said, “Go, worship the Lord. Even your women and children may go with you; only leave your flocks and herds behind.”


v.25 But Moses said, “You must allow us to have sacrifices and burnt offerings to present to the Lord our God.

v.26 Our livestock too must go with us; not a hoof is to be left behind. We have to use some of them in worshiping the Lord our God, and until we get there we will not know what we are to use to worship the Lord.”

Hardening & Utter rejection

v.27 But the Lord hardened Pharaoh's heart, and he was not willing to let them go.

v.28 Pharaoh said to Moses, “Get out of my sight! Make sure you do not appear before me again! The day you see my face you will die.”


v.29 “Just as you say,” Moses replied. “I will never appear before you again.”


[Notes: This was a supernatural darkness that could be felt [v.21] and brought life to a halt. Yes, Israel are still unaffected and are in the light.


Note INTENSITY: We should note the intensity of the developing plagues: 1. Blood – static unpleasant. 2. Frogs – moving unpleasant and then unpleasant piles of dead frogs. 3. Gnats – irritatingly unpleasant. 4. Flies – even more irritatingly unpleasant. 5. Death of Livestock – hits the pocket. Financial catastrophe. 6. Boils – hits each person physically and very personally. 7. Hail – another financial catastrophe [v.25]. 8. Locusts – another scary, very unpleasant, and inconvenient financial catastrophe. 9. Darkness – total shutdown of life. Bit by bit the increasing severity of these plagues impacts the country more and more.]



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