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Series Theme: FRAMEWORKS: 2 Thessalonians - Paraphrased

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In this ‘Framework' we use our light paraphrase explanation of what you find in this letter of Paul, not the text, to enable you to simply as possible catch the sense of his writing.

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FRAMEWORKS: 2 Thessalonians 1 - Paraphrased


v.1-2 Greetings


v.1 Paul, Silas & Timothy to Thessalonians

v.2 May you know grace & peace from God


v.3-10 Thanksgiving for Recollections


v.3 Thanks to God for their growing faith and love for all

v.4 There thy boast about their perseverance and faith in the face of persecutions and trials

v.5 This is evidence of God's right assessment of them that they are counted worthy of the kingdom for which they suffer

v.6 Because God is just He will punish those who trouble them

v.7 and bring relief to both them and the apostles when Jesus returns from heaven

v.8 He will punish unbelievers who are disobedient

v.9 They will be destroyed eternally and shut off from God

v.10 on the day Jesus returns to be glorified in his people – which includes you because you believed our testimony.

(Lessons: God's faith is available to see us through oppositions, and He will deal with those who come against us when Jesus returns.)


v.11-12 Prayer Response


v.11 Thinking of this we constantly pray for you that God will make you worthy of His calling and by His power complete your every desire for goodness and every faith-inspired deed.

v.12 We pray this so Jesus will be glorified through you and you through him, according to the grace that is his and the Father's.

(Lessons: We need to constantly pray for His grace to flow in us to change us and enabe us to serve Him.)


Summary: Thanks for their testimony in coping with persecution and they can trust God to deal with their persecutors when Jesus returns. Prayer for ongoing growth in goodness and faith-inspired service that comes through His grace.



FRAMEWORKS: 2 Thessalonians 2 - Paraphrased


v.1-12 The Man of Lawlessness


v.1 We want to speak of Jesus' coming again

v.2 Ignore false teachings that he has already come

v.3 Don't be deceived, that day won't come until

- the rebellion comes and

- the lawless man, doomed to destruction comes

v.4 He will oppose & exalt himself over God, setting himself up in God's temple proclaiming to be God.

v.5 This will be as I told you before.

v.6 So you know what is holding him back until the proper time when he will be revealed.

v.7 The secret lawless power is at work now, but the church (implied) that holds it back will continue to do so until the time comes for it to be removed.

v.8 Then he will be truly revealed but will be removed by Jesus at his coming.

v.9 This man will work as Satan does, with lies and signs and wonders

v.10 In this way he will deceive all unbelievers because they already refuse the truth and aren't saved.

v.11 This is a God-sent delusion so they believe his lies

v.12 and thus they will be condemned as they are clearly seen to reject the truth and delight in wickedness.

(Lessons: We need to understand at the end there will be one who will stand with Satan's power to rebel against God and deceive unbelievers, revealing them for what they are, worthy of destruction.


v.13-17 Stand Firm


v.13 But we can thank God for you because you are clearly chosen by God, first fruits saved by the cleansing work of the Spirit and believing the truth.

v.14 You were called through our gospel to share in Jesus' glory.

v.15 So, knowing this (implied), stand firm and hold fast to all we have taught you – both by word of mouth or by letter.

v.16 We look to our Jesus Christ and his Father – who loved and encouraged us into hope, by their grace -

v.17 may they encourage your hearts also and strengthen you for every good deed and word.

(Lessons: Our calling is revealed by the work of the Spirit in us bringing good works. This should encourage us to stand firm holding the NT teachings as God by His grace also encourages us to continue on in these things)


Summary: Watching for end-time lawlessness, we should not be deceived by it as the world will be, revealing their hearts and opening them for judgment. In the face of this we are to stand firm with His grace, revealing His goodness.



FRAMEWORKS: 2 Thessalonians 3 - Paraphrased

v.1-5 Request for Prayer


v.1 Pray that God's message through them will spread and be honoured, as in them.

v.2 Pray also for their deliverance from wicked people of unbelief (who oppose them - implied)

v.3 But God is faithful and will deliver the church from the enemy.

v.4 They have confidence that the church there is doing all they were taught.

v.5 So he prays God will guide them further into His love and the perseverance Christ gives.

(Lessons: Pray for the spread of the gospel and for growth of believers)


v.6-15 Warnings against Idleness


v.6 Be careful to stay away from idle and disruptive believers, who fail to live according to the way they have taught.

v.7 They had set an example in not being idle when they were with them

v.8 not eating food without paying for it, bt instead working and toiling not to be a burden to the church there.

v.9 They did this, not because they couldn't but to be examples to be followed.

v.10 They had had this rule: no work, no eating

v.11 They heard of some there not working, busybodies

v.12 so they challenge such people to settle down and work and earn their food.

v.13 so the believers should never tire of doing good.

v.14 Watch for any who reject this teaching and have nothing to do with them so they will be ashamed.

v.15 Don't see them as enemies, just those who need correcting.

(Lessons: Holy living should include taking responsibility for earning their own food as well as doing good and those who fail in this should be corrected)


v.16-18 Final Greetings


v.16 Desire for peace for the believers

v.17 Paul finishes this letter in his own hand

v.18 Desire for grace for them all.


Summary: Prayers for spread of gospel and growth. Teaching against idleness and need to take responsibility for our own lives and correct those who do not.






2 Thessalonians 1

v.1-2 Greetings

v.3-10 Thanksgiving for Recollections – how they grow and stsnd against persecutions, trusting that God will deal with those people when Jesus returns

v.11-12 Prayer Response - prayer for their growth and that Jesus will be glorified through them


2 Thessalonians 2

v.1-12 The Man of Lawlessness – warning to watch for the time of lawlessness at the end that will come to a head then as all unbelievers will be deceived by false power, revealing their unbelief

v.13-17 Stand Firm - as called ones they are to stand firm


2 Thessalonians 3

v.1-5 Request for Prayer – for the gospel to spread and deliverance from those who would oppose them and for further growth in the believers there

v.6-15 Warnings against Idleness – holiness is to be accompanied by taking responsibility for your own provision , thus a warning against idleness. Such people to be corrected

v.16-18 Final Greetings – desires for peace and grace for the church as Paul signs the letter personally


Final Summary


Chapter 1 – mostly about prayer requests

Chapter 2 – warnings about end-time lawlessness and need to be alert and stand firm

Chapter 3 – further requests for prayer and the need to deal with those Paul has heard are there who are idle – need to take personal responsibility and correct them.


Final Comment


A much shorter letter than the first one, expressing requests for prayer, bringing warning to watch out for the lawlessness that will come at the end, and the need to avoid idleness and take responsibility for providing for your own life.