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FRAMEWORKS: 2 Chronicles

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Introduction to 2 Chronicles


Why Read 2 Chronicles: Whereas 1 Chronicles was largely taken up with King David, 2 Chronicles follows, first of all Solomon's reign, and then the kings of Judah after the kingdom was divided. We have also provided a summary table below and have inserted numbers before each of the kings after Solomon, to show the number reigning, and then a number to show how long each one reigned. 2 Chronicles differs from the accounts of 1 and 2 Kings in that

•  Only the Judean kings are covered here
•  All the reasoning [seen in 1 & 2 Kings] with respect of the Lord is omitted here.

[See also the Introduction to 1 Chronicles]




PART 1: Solomon

Ch.1 Solomon receives wisdom

Ch.2 Solomon prepares for building the Temple

Ch.3 Solomon builds the Temple

Ch.4 The Temple's Furnishings

Ch.5 The ark & the glory of the Lord comes to the Temple

Ch.6 Solomon Prays

Ch.7 Dedication of the temple & a serious warning

Ch.8 Solomon's other activities

Ch.9 The Queen of Sheba visits Solomon


PART 2: Subsequent kings of Judah

Ch.10 Rehoboam's Folly & Israel's rebellion against him

Ch.11 Rehoboam's early activities

Ch.12 Judah & Rehoboam are disciplined by the Lord.

Ch.13 Abijah king of Judah

Ch.14 Asa king of Judah

Ch.15 More on Asa's reforms

Ch.16 Asa's last years

Ch.17 Jehoshaphat king of Judah

Ch.18 Jehoshaphat with Ahab

Ch.19 Jehoshaphat appoints Judges

Ch.20 Jehoshaphat's triumphs

Ch.21 Jehoram of Judah

Ch.22 Ahaziah king of Judah

Ch.23 Jehoiada protects Joash and makes him king

Ch.24 The years of the reign of Joash

Ch.25 Amaziah king of Judah

Ch.26 Uzziah of Judah

Ch.27 - Jotham king of Judah   

Ch.28 Ahaz king of Judah

Ch.29 Hezekiah purifies the temple

Ch.30 Hezekiah celebrates the Passover

Ch.31 Hezekiah cleans up & provides for the Levites & Priests

Ch.32 Sennacherib threatens Jerusalem & Hezekiah's last days

Ch.33 - Manasseh & Amon , kings of Judah

Ch.34 Josiah's reforms

Ch.35 Josiah's Passover, and end

Ch.36 - The final kings of Judah & the Exile

Kings of Judah Summary


For information, the following is the order of the kings of Judah after Solomon and how long they each reigned


1. Rehoboam (17)

2. Abijah (3)

3. Asa (41)

4. Jehoshaphat (25)

5. Jehoram (8)

6. Ahaziah (1)

7. Athaliah (6)

8. Joash (40)

9. Amaziah (29)

10. Uzziah (52)

11. Jotham (16)

12. Ahaz (16)

13. Hezekiah (29)

14. Manasseh (55)

15. Amon (2)

16. Josiah (31)

17. Jehoahaz (3m)

18. Jehoiakim (11)

19. Jehoiachin (3m)

20. Zedekiah (11)






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