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FRAMEWORKS: 1 Chronicles

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Why Read 1 Chronicles: 1 & 2 Chronicles are really summary overview books of the Old Testament history of all the kings up to the Exile, which are in one sense very helpful but in another sense, a little tedious if you don't like long lists of genealogies, which we find in the first nine chapters of the first book. As the Contents below will show, the rest of 1 Chronicles is about David up to his death and then 2 Chronicles is about Solomon and then all the kings of the southern kingdom referred to simply as Judah up until the Exile.


Kings versus Chronicles: 1 & 2 Kings, after covering Solomon following on from David, covers kings from both the northern divided kingdom (Israel) AND from the southern kingdom (Judah). 2 Chronicles, after the first nine chapters about Solomon covers ONLY the southern kings.

Chronicles, as we said above, tend to be far more simple summary books whereas 1 & 2 Kings have a strong prophetic understanding showing WHY various things happened in relation to God. All of that understanding is absent in Chronicles.

Classic examples are God rebuking David for his failure with Bathsheba and all that follows as a consequence, and God rebuking Solomon for his apostasy and explanation how the kingdom will be split. None of this appears in Chronicles where the scribe-compiler, believed to have been writing much later, simply seeks to make clear David's line, rule and successors, the line for the Messiah.

In the Contents below we can see how the scribe goes to some lengths to extol David's reign, how he came to be king and how he came to establish his kingdom which continued in the south when the kingdom was divided after Solomon. It is all about David after the preliminary nine chapters that establish the genealogies.





PART 1: Ch.1 to 9: Israel's Family Records

Ch.1 Family lists from Adam to Abraham

Ch.2 Israel & the families through Judah

Ch.3 David's family & kings of Judah & beyond the Exile

Ch.4 Records of Judah

Ch.5 Reuben, Gad & Manasseh

Ch.6 The tribe of Levi, their roles & locations

Ch.7 Six more Tribes

Ch.8 The Genealogy of Saul (the Benjaminite)

Ch.9 Resettlers, Priests, Levites Saul's family


PART 2: Ch.10 to 29: The Accounts of David as King

a) David being established as king

Ch.10 The Death of Saul

Ch.11 David as king & his warriors

Ch.12 David's army grows & make him king


b) Establishing the ark in Jerusalem

Ch.13 David's failure to bring the ark back

Ch.14 David's Family & victory over the Philistines

Ch.15 The ark successfully brought to Jerusalem

Ch.16 Celebrating before the ark in Jerusalem

Ch.17 The Lord's Promises to David


c) David's Triumphs

Ch.18 David's Victories & his officials

Ch.19 David defeats the Ammonites & Arameans

Ch.20 Victories over Ammonites & Philistines

Ch.21 David counts the fighting men


d) Preparing for the Future

Ch.22 David prepares for the Temple building

Ch.23 David Instructs the Levites

Ch.24 The Divisions of Priests & Levites

Ch.25 The Musicians

Ch.26 The Gatekeepers, Treasurers & other Officials

Ch.27 Administration of the army and the economy

Ch.28 David's plans & instructions for the temple

Ch.29 Giving & Prayers for the temple and David's death



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