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Series Theme: FRAMEWORKS:



The objective of these ‘Frameworks' is to provide an easy-to-read layout of the reformatted text of a chapter. In this way we hope to hopefully enhance the reading of the chapter in order to enable the reader to then use these individual verses for verse-by-verse study or meditation.

To focus each verse we have mostly also added in italic a description of what is happening in that verse. Thus hopefully text plus comment will doubly enable the reader to take in and absorb what the verse is saying. (In a few cases (Eph & 1 & 2 Thess) we have NOT used the text but simply used a simpified paraphrase to convey the sense of the verse)

We hope to add further 'Frameworks' as and when they are available. The following are the ones that are available at the present:

Matthew's Gospel

 ch.1  ch.2  ch.3  ch. 4  ch.5  ch.6  ch.7  ch.8  ch.9  ch.10 

ch.11  ch.12   ch.13   ch.14  ch.15  ch.16  ch.17  ch.18

ch.19  ch.20  ch. 21  ch.22  ch.23  ch.24  ch.25  ch.26 

ch.27  ch.28


Mark's Gospel

ch. 1   ch.2   ch.3    ch.4    ch.5   ch.6   ch.7   ch.8  ch.9  

ch.10   ch.11   ch.12   ch.13   ch.14   ch.15    ch.16


Luke's Gospel  
John's Gospel

ch. 1    ch. 2   ch. 3   ch. 4  ch. 5   ch. 6  ch.7  ch.8  ch.9 

ch.10 ch.11  ch.12  ch.13  ch.14  ch.15  ch.16  ch.17  ch.18 

ch.19  ch.20   ch.21



ch.1  ch.2  ch.3  ch.4  ch.5  ch.6   ch.7   ch.8   ch.9  ch.10  

ch.11    ch.12   ch.13   ch.14   ch.15   ch.16


1 Corinthians  
2 Corinthians  

 ch.1   ch.2  ch.3  ch.4   ch.5   ch.6   


ch.1P   ch.2P   ch.3P  ch.4P  ch.5P  ch.6P  (P = paraphrased)

ch.1    ch.2     ch.3    ch.4     ch.5     ch.6


Philippians  ch.1    ch.2     ch.3    ch.4
Colossians   ch.1    ch.2    ch.3   ch.4

1 Thessalonians

 1 Thess

2 Thessalonians

 2 Thess

1 Timothy  ch.1  ch.2   ch.3   ch.4   ch.5   ch.6
2 Timothy  ch.1  ch.2   ch.3   ch.4  

Psa 1    Psa 62   Psa 100   Psa 104