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Series Theme: Questions of Eternity

Title:   2. Is there a Heaven?


A simple consideration of the existence of Heaven and our
reaction to it.



1. A Reliable Source - the Bible?

The Bible, somewhat obviously, states, "Man is destined to die" (Hebrews 9:27).

The Bible is a record of God's dealings with the nation of Israel, into which was born His Son, Jesus Christ. The Bible is historically reliable and it can, therefore, be used as an authoritative source on spiritual matters (See the Main Resources Contents Page, "The Trustworthiness of the Bible").

So what does it tell us about life after death? On this page we'll focus on heaven. On its companion page we'll focus on hell.


2. Who says Heaven exists?


Many sources from around the world speak about an afterlife. Jesus Christ spoke about it many times. Jesus claimed to be God's Son who had come down from heaven, and then went on to substantiate that claim by the things he did, the death he died, and then by coming back from the dead.

(For substantiation of the resurrection, please see the page, "Did the resurrection of Jesus Christ actually happen?")

Jesus spoke about hell and heaven many times. We'll simply look at his references to heaven.

Jesus speaks about Heaven

Jesus said some specific things about the existence of heaven:

1. It is the dwelling place of God Matt 6:9

2. Jesus claimed to have come down to earth from heaven where he existed before coming here. John 6:38

3. Jesus' ministry of teaching and healing on earth brought something of heaven to earth. Matt 4:17 As he started ministering he told his listeners that "the kingdom of heaven is near"

4. As Jesus' disciples did the work of Jesus, they too brought something of heaven to earth. Matt 10:7    He instructed them to preach that 'The kingdom of heaven is near'" and he then instructed them how to bring healing, deliverance etc. as a demonstration of that.

5. Heaven was for those who would acknowledge that of themselves they were spiritually poor. Matt 5:3

6. In fact, said Jesus, unless a person humbles himself and becomes childlike in trusting God he cannot go to heaven. Matt 18:3

7. God's will is perfectly done in heaven. Matt 6:10     That's why Jesus frequently referred to heaven as a 'kingdom' because God rules there and His will is perfectly done.

8. Just saying words will not get you into heaven, only by doing God's will. Matt 7:21

9. Because many of us rely upon possessions, it makes it difficult for us to trust God and it is therefore difficult to go to heaven. Matt 19:23    (Hard, not impossible!)

Other Places in the Bible

The word 'heaven' is used over 420 times in the Bible. Occasionally it refers to the sky (heavens), but mostly it refers to that other existence where the presence of God is.

Over 420 times! That is how sure the many Biblical writers are about the existence of heaven.



3. How does one get to Heaven after Death?

Look again at points 5 to 9 above and see again who is able to enter. It is those who are willing to humble themselves and put their total trust in God.

How do we start off doing that?   By believing what God has said in His book, the Bible:

  •   that He loves us
  •   that we have rejected him (this is what sin is)
  •   that we deserve punishment in eternity for that rejection (that is what hell is)
  •   that He sent His Son Jesus to take our punishment
  •   that we have to come to Him humbly in prayer asking for forgiveness on the
  •   basis  of  Jesus' death in our place
  •  that when we do that, giving our lives back to Him, He calls us His children and forgives us, and gives us a new power to live by and a new destination in eternity - heaven.



4. A Final Powerful Picture

In the last book of the Bible, the apostle, John, has an amazing vision. In chapter 21 of that book he sees a picture of a new city or dwelling place of Christians having its origins in heaven. He sees it as a place where:

1. God is with His people. (Rev 21:3)

2. There is no unhappiness there (Rev 21:4)

3. There will none there who are "cowards.. unbelieving.. vile.. murders…sexually immoral.. those who practice witchcraft.. idol worshippers… liars" (Rev 21:8) because they will have repented of them and left all that aside to follow Jesus Christ.

4. Only those names who are recorded as being followers of Jesus Christ will be there. (Rev 21:27)

Such is a picture of this dwelling for eternity in the presence of God - for that is what heaven is.


5. Supposing it is True?

Just supposing this amazing compilation of books we call the Bible is true. Just supposing that it is true that you have opportunity here and now on earth to make choices that determine your eternal destiny.


Just supposing that is true, it would be madness to ignore it, wouldn't it. Here is God offering you the most wonderful of futures and you refuse it and choose the most terrible of alternatives possible. Absolute madness.

Getting on the right path

If you want to ensure you put your life right with God and have the assurance of life after death, the way you do it is as follows:


1. Tell God (in prayer) that you acknowledge you have left Him out of your life and you're sorry because your life is less than perfect without Him.


2. Tell Him you believe in Jesus Christ His Son coming and dying in your place, for you to receive forgiveness for your wrongs. Tell Him you want Him to forgive you your past that wasn't perfect.

3. Ask Him to come into your life and lead and guide you from now on.


If that sounds simple it is! All it requires from you is complete sincerity. God isn't fooled when we are half-hearted, still holding onto our self-centredness. It needs to be all or nothing, but remember that 'nothing' goes on beyond death.

The Wonder of the Offer

The emphasis of these two pages isn't on the awfulness of hell, which we focus on in the companion page, but on the wonder of heaven which we have considered in this one.

God offers you a future here on the earth in which you can learn to experience His love for you in very practical and tangible ways.  He also offers you the most glorious future with Him in eternity. He simply requires that you put your hands firmly into His, that you come to trust Him instead of yourself for the days and eternity ahead of you .

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