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Series Theme:  Difficult Questions

Twenty Difficult Questions - Contents

Subject Area: Some Questions that often arise about God or the Bible's teaching.


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1. Aren't all viewpoints equally valid?

2. Why do babies die?

3. Isn't the Bible full of Contradictions?

4. Why is the Bible Hard to Understand?

5. I can't stand Christians. Why is that?

6. How can we justify killing?

7. Are we free to say what we want?

8. Does God change His mind?

9. Why did God command killing babies?

10. Do I have to go to church?

11. How can I KNOW that I am a Christian?

12. Did Jesus come to bring division?

13. Why did God harden Pharaoh's heart and then judge him?

14. Isn't the idea of right and wrong outdated?

15. Why did God command Israel to sacrifice innocent animals?

16. Hasn't Science Disproved the Existence of God?

17. Can a person who commits suicide go to heaven?

18. Do the Ten Commandments still apply?

19. Why bother to pray?

20. Why pray God's Will?