Daily Thoughts : September 6th


Psa 18:30   As for God, his way is perfect; the word of the LORD is flawless.



To be able to agree with the Psalmist here is an act of faith. Negative people say, “Well if there is a God, why doesn't he….?” and a whole variety of things come out that they would expect God to do. But over the years, as I have read his word, I have come to a conclusion and I put it like this: if, when I get to heaven, the Lord should allow me to look back over my life on earth from His viewpoint, where I can see and understand absolutely everything about my life, then I am convinced that I will never be able to blame or criticise God for a single thing that He did or didn't do – and I believe that will be true of the whole world. His way is perfect! We may get it wrong – frequently – but He never does!


More than that, His word is flawless. As we human beings have written it down and translated it, we may have not dotted a few ‘I's or crossed a few ‘T's but as God has spoken it or inspired it, it is perfect. What God does is perfect; that I hope you've agree upon, but what God thinks and then what God says is also perfect. There are times when you may not understand it, or think you understand it, but in fact understand it in a wrong way, but the intent of His heart and the declaration of His truth is perfect. We may trust Him and trust His word. We may read it, study it, and live by it with confidence. What He says comes from the same perfection that is simply Him. He is perfect and His word is perfect. Hallelujah!





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