Daily Thoughts : September 28th


1 Cor 1:4    I always thank God for you because of his grace given you in Christ Jesus.


This is a lovely little comment that we probably, most of the time, pass over without much thought. This is Paul saying to the church at Corinth, I always thank God because of you. Hullo? What do we know of this church that emerges through this letter? The letter shows us that they were plagued with problems. It is a long letter covering a whole load of issues but Paul says, I always thank God for you.


Yes Paul knows their problems; he knows that they really need sorting out, but he also knows that they are relatively young Christians and they have a lot to learn. Do we expect too much of young Christians?


Paul thanked God for them because, although they are still very human and still get things wrong, nevertheless the grace of God is there working in them. They have entered the kingdom and that is a cause for rejoicing. They have the Holy Spirit within them who will affirm Paul's words and help them get sorted out, and that is a cause for rejoicing.


When we look around us in the church, do we see problem people or people filled with the grace of God? Yes, they may be young Christians, yes they may be slow to learn, but they ARE God's children and He loves them and He will be changing them and He's working on a long-term strategy the rest of they lives! Love and accept them as they are today and let Him sort our their tomorrows!





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