Daily Thoughts : September 25th


Ezek 30:20    In the eleventh year, in the first month on the seventh day, the word of the LORD came to me:

There are those who are sceptical about the timing of the Old Testament, and indeed even that God spoke through His prophets. Such people simply don't read what is here and note the import of it! Ezekiel (and other prophets were the same) was a good diarist. He noted down when the Lord spoke and what He said. There is nothing casual about Ezekiel. This description of the date in the Hebrew way of identifying it by the year of the present king, probably, is likely to be April 29th, 587 B.C. In other words, on that specific day in history, God spoke to Ezekiel in such a way that he could understand it and write it down. This was a specific historical event.


Because we live in an age of skepticism, we need to hold onto this particular simple but vital truth, that our faith is built on specific historical events and each one of them is about God revealing Himself. The rest of the world may scorn but that's their problem. We need to remember that we are what we are, despite their scorn, because God has revealed Himself to the earth.


He revealed Himself through Israel, He revealed Himself as he spoke to a variety of people, and specifically through His prophets, He spoke through His Son who He sent to the earth, He spoke through apostles that He raised up and then a variety of ministry leaders (Eph 4:12), by the means of His Holy Spirit. Hallelujah! We have a communicating God!





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