Daily Thoughts : September 24th


Hab 1:2    How long, O LORD , must I call for help, but you do not listen? Or cry out to you, "Violence!" but you do not save?


Having to cope with evil in life, is often one of the biggest struggles. It is not only the struggle to cope with the evil, whatever it is, but with the wonder of why God doesn't step in and deal with it. Habakkuk had this very same dilemma. Habakkuk is a good example for us. When he is confronted with ongoing evil, he calls on God. That's what we have here in this verse today. More than that, he gets an answer from the Lord not a very comfortable one, but an answer nevertheless. That simply provokes more questions in Habakkuk after which he says he will go and listen and watch and see what more God will say. The Lord again gives him an answer.


Evil raises questions and we should not be afraid to ask the Lord what is going on but we should also be prepared to wait upon the Lord (and this is what most people aren't willing to do!) until He gives us understanding of what is happening.


It is easy to foolishly criticise God in the face of evil, without realising the spiritual dynamics involved. To understand them we need to read and read the word of God and be open to the Lord to speak to us and, as we wait on Him, give us understanding. (To consider the whole subject of evil go to the 'Problem of Evil' section of this site). It is a big topic but it is not beyond us if we are willing to learn.





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