Daily Thoughts : September 18th


Amos 5:15    Hate evil, love good; maintain justice in the courts.

Sometimes you come across little verses in the Bible that encapsulate so much. Here's one! This is God's simple instructions for a good society through His prophet. Imagine what our society would be like if we all obeyed these three simple injunctions.


Hate evil. Supposing every one of us genuinely hated anything that was evil or wrong. We would shy away from it, avoid it, shun it, just not do it! No murders, no rapes, no robberies, no violence, no malice, no abuse, no anger, no deception, no lies, no unfaithfulness. Wow!


Love good. That which we love we enjoy, we do and want more of. Think of good things. Think of doing good. Think of being good. Kindness, caring, helping others, treating others well, being honest. What a society!


Maintain justice in the courts? This recognises that in the Fallen World that we live in, we will not always get it right and disputes will arise between people. The way we resolve those disputes is a sign of the quality of the society. Justice is all about truth. How many court lawyers are really concerned about the truth? Particularly criminal lawyers? If a lawyer can get a client off merely by clever words and arguing, even if he is guilty, that is not justice. Justice is about people getting what they deserve in the light of the Law and what they have done. Hmmm!





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