Daily Thoughts : September 12th


Mic 5:7   The remnant of Jacob will be in the midst of many peoples like dew from the LORD , like showers on the grass


Today's verse is part of a beautiful Messianic prophecy in Micah that speaks about Jesus coming from Bethlehem and eventually reigning throughout the earth. It must have seemed a strange prophecy to the Jews because the first six verses of this chapter speak about the coming one and his rule which would suppose Israel are triumphant, but then suddenly he speaks about a remnant of Israel and says they will be scattered throughout the world and, he goes on later, they will remain there until the Lord draws them back again.

Of course this is exactly what we have seen in the last century. For nearly two thousand years, Israel have been scattered among the nations, where many of them still reside, but last century they were given back their land and the nation was reformed. But there is more in the verse; it says they will be in the nations like dew or showers on the grass. The water brings life to the grass. Thus Israel 's presence, wherever they are, is supposed to refresh that country. They are supposed to be a blessing to that country. Do you remember yesterday we noted Jeremiah's word to the Jews in exile. They were to seek the welfare of the city in which they dwelt. Throughout the Old Testament they were called to be a light to the nations.

We'll only realise the impact of this, I suspect, once we get to heaven and see with the Lord's eyes. In the meantime, the challenge is to us who are Christians, are we being light to the nations, are we like a dew on the grass? If they were because of who they were, how much more should we be?





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