Daily Thoughts : October 27th


Jer 21:8    Furthermore, tell the people, This is what the LORD says: See, I am setting before you the way of life and the way of death.



Life is full of options, choices. I marvel again and again that one of the incredible things the Lord has done is give us free will. We can choose to follow the Lord – or not! That is the only reason so many people don't follow the Lord – they have chosen not to. But with choice comes responsibility. Choosing to follow the Lord or not follow the Lord brings consequences with it.


The truth of this is summed up in Jeremiah's word from the Lord. We are always choosing life or death. Whenever we choose to go with the Lord we are choosing life. Life always flows from the Lord. Whenever we encounter the Lord we encounter and receive life. His power, His presence, conveys life, energy, power into our lives. This is why the aged who live ‘in the courts of the Lord' (Psa 92:13) will flourish and will stay fresh, because they are receiving the life source of the Lord.


Tragically when we turn away from the Lord we are turning away from life and the process of decay continues and death ensues. This is true in a measure physically but it is certainly true spiritually. The person who turns away from the Lord is on a downward path to eternal death. The person who turns to the Lord to receive His salvation receives His life, eternal life. It's as simple as that; it's all a matter of choice!





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