Daily Thoughts : October 22nd


Heb 4:15    we have one who has been tempted in every way, just as we are--yet was without sin.

Jesus came to share in our humanity and experience the things we experience. That is why he came in a human body. He knows what we go through, but never let that be an excuse to do wrong, because he didn't.


Jesus came and showed that despite having a human mind and body he didn't have to sin, he didn't have to give way to the temptations that human desire so often provokes. Yes, Jesus knew what it was to feel tired, if not exhausted, but that didn't mean he had to give way to irritation or unpleasantness, short-temper or frustrated anger. No, even in the midst of tiredness and no doubt hunger sometimes, he was full of grace and relied upon the strength that comes with knowing the Father.

He was his Father's son and sin is not part of the Father and so was not going to be part of the Son. He had a heart set to do his Father's will and reinforced by the Spirit, he conformed to it. No, he clearly determined that there was no place in him for any self-concern, no place for demanding his rights, no place for those so many petty human things that niggle and cause upset.


Because he was a human being, he had these same temptations that we have that are so often born out of self awareness which turns into self-concern and then self-centredness, but he determined never to give way to them. He knew who he was and he knew these were alien to who he was and therefore resisted them. Can we?





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