Daily Thoughts : October 2nd


Mark 6:45 Immediately Jesus made his disciples get into the boat and go on ahead of him to Bethsaida, while he dismissed the crowd.


Sometimes I have the feeling that there is immense significance packed into single verses. Here Jesus has just had the disciples feed the five thousand. It has been an amazing miracle that they have had a part in. They haven't taken in the significance of it (because when the same thing happens a bit later they don't rise in faith to it) and they still haven't realised just who it is with them.


So Jesus separates them off from the miracle and sends them off to the next phase of their training. They aren't given any space to get adoration from the crowd wow, how did you guys do that? No, the glory is to be God's so he sends them away quickly.


Jesus dismissed the crowd. Simple words. What authority that conveys, for they would want to stay with this miracle worker, but no, he's got to talk with His Father. He needs to pray. After he prays he walks across the lake to the struggling disciples. They need to see him in a completely different light, as the undisputed Son of God who can walk on water. He is the one who gave power to feed the five thousand, not the disciples, they were just part of it as he enabled them. So, as he sends the disciples off (no doubt wondering what's going on), and sends the crowd away (no doubt discussing the miracle), he turns to His Father in prayer, as if to say, OK Father, what's next? This is the Son working out the ongoing will of his Father.





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