Daily Thoughts : October 13th


Psa 56:11  in God I trust; I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?


This was David writing when he had fled from Saul and ended up in the Philistines' city of Gath. It's a bad place to be, in the midst of the enemy camp, life threatening in fact! Here, even here, he writes a song! In this song he makes this tremendous declaration.


Trust is different from faith. Faith is our response when we have heard from the Lord in some way. Trust is what we do in the absence of the Lord saying anything! Faith rises when we read the word of God, or when the Lord speaks in some other way. Oh yes, we are called to be people of faith. But what happens when the Lord doesn't appear to say anything? That's a time for trust.


Trust is just the firm conviction that God is good and God is for you and so you will hang in there, reliant upon Him even when you haven't heard a thing from Him. Trust says, I know he will turn up for me. Trust says I will remain faithful to Him for He is for me and will come for me.


Trust, as seen in David, looks at his situation and thinks, so what can these Philistines do to me? The worst that can happen is that they kill me. So what? God is for me. God has a place for me in eternity. God is here in all this, even if I can't see Him or signs of His moving. I know the Lord. I know He is for me and that He has said He will never leave me or forsake me. I can rely on Him. That is trust!





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