Daily Thoughts : November 29th


1 Tim 4:4  For everything God created is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving



From the time of Plato onwards, there often came to be a distinction between flesh and spirit, and flesh was considered bad. Put it another way, anything material was viewed as bad and only spirit was considered good. This distortion of truth was still in the church in the middle of the twentieth century. ‘Enjoying yourself' with food, drink, cinema, TV or whatever was almost considered evil. Fortunately there has been a balancing up since then. However it was still strong in Paul's day and so he had to warn Timothy against people who taught this.


The truth is that everything that we have on this earth has come from God. He created every plant that exists, so He created every food, drug or whatever. In themselves none of these things are wrong. In fact they are good and therefore we can receive whatever it is legitimately, as long as it is received as in the sight of God. Now why do we say that?

Two reasons! First because Paul's reference to ‘thanksgiving' means thank God for whatever He provides. Second, because, being aware of Him, we will be circumspect about what we do. It's when we forget God that we eat too much (gluttony) or drink too much alcohol (drunkenness) or take drugs wrongly (addiction). So, yes, we can misuse God's provision, but if we are living out our lives in His sight and in relationship with him, we will only use these things wisely and not abuse our bodies. The Bible gives guidelines and if we are wise, we follow them.






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