Daily Thoughts : November 27th


2 Thess 3:13 And as for you, brothers, never tire of doing what is right.



Life is full of temptations or, to be more precise, life is a battle where our enemy comes with temptation to try and pull us down. Paul said to the Ephesians, “Stand firm then,” (Eph 6:14). One of the ways he comes is to try to tire us out. Perhaps he'll do that by trying to get us to do more than we should and do it in our own strength, but his end objective is to get us tired because then we are vulnerable to his whispered words: “You can't do this, give up, let other people do it, you need your rest, other people can pray, let others go to church, you need time out!”


Previously you had set your heart on God and on doing His will. You knew how to distinguish right from wrong and your regular presence on Sunday mornings or at the prayer meeting or Bible Study helped strengthen you and your resolve. But then tiredness crept in and you didn't realise what was happening and gradually, bit by bit, your energy was being sapped until eventually you came to a halt.


Then other subtle temptations crept in at work or college or wherever, to cut corners, to take short cuts, to move in ‘grey' areas. I'll only do it once, just this one time. It will be all right. But once became twice and the distinction between right and wrong became blurred as you justified your actions. No, says Paul, never tire of doing right. Don't let tiredness dull you, and don't be tired of doing what you know deep down is right.






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