Daily Thoughts : November 24th


2 Kings 5:3 She said to her mistress, "If only my master would see the prophet who is in Samaria ! He would cure him of his leprosy."



Here in our verse today is really a quite remarkable testimony. This is a young Israelite girl who has been snatched from her land by a marauding band from the far north, part of the army of commander Naaman. She ends up as slave in his house. Now he has leprosy and there is no cure for leprosy.


However this little girl knows otherwise. This little girl is a believer in God and she knows of Elisha, the man of God in Samaria. Now she could be filled with hatred for this man who has made her a slave and be glad that he's probably dying from this skin disease. But she wasn't either of these things. She speaks with Naaman's wife and speaks of Elisha who, she is sure, would heal Naaman.


Now that is amazing on two counts. First that she is willing to offer a channel for healing of the man who has enslaved her and, second, that she believes God would heal a man who is an enemy of Israel! This is an example of incredible grace as well as faith. Jesus told us Christians to pray for our enemies (Mt 5:44 ), those who persecute us, and this little girl had certainly been persecuted! Instead of feeling bitterness towards her master she only feels concern and has a desire for his well-being. Consider people you find a trial. Can you, with God's grace, feel like this little girl felt towards Naaman?






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