Daily Thoughts : November 20th


2 Sam 18:3 But the men said, "You must not go out; if we are forced to flee, they won't care about us. Even if half of us die, they won't care; but you are worth ten thousand of us. It would be better now for you to give us support from the city."



This occurred during the time of Absalom's rebellion against his father David. At this point David is sending his army out against the rebels who hold the high ground. He divides them into three forces and declares his intention of going with them. It is at this point that his men show their concern and care for him, but it is also mixed with wisdom. No, they say, you mustn't go out to this battle for (implied) we're outnumbered and just in case we have to retreat they won't worry about us, they'll be out to get you.


There is an understanding in these men. They know that David as king is the all-important man in the coming battle. If he gets taken, that will be the end of it, and so to preserve their side, he must be protected at all costs. Leave the fighting to us on this occasion, is what they are saying.


This is a classic example of care, consideration and wisdom. Do we exhibit these characteristics in respect of our families or those we work with? It is an awareness of other people, of their value, which comes with a desire to protect them. Do we protect our families? Do we care for and protect those we work with? This goes beyond using people. This is all about caring for others, as God's representatives on this world. Do we do that?






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